Jats(Kh)App For Jat Girls!

Khap Panchayat Propose An App For Jat Girls – Bad news for the guys! You aren’t going to see girls on Whatsapp and FB anymore!

The Women in the North are in trouble again.

The UttarPradesh team of the Khap bigwigs have once again sent out a diktat against the girls of UP (and probably Haryana too)

Now they have banned the pretty Jat girls from using  Facebook and  Whatsapp!!

“When the girls go on Whatsapp they become  Characterless, the parents of all girls are requested to keep a watch to ensure that they don’t use mobile phones to access FB or WA”, said a top Khap Panchayat leader while browsing through  Sunny Leone pictures on his iPhone 6+, almost bending it in his enthusiasm.

“Our Women are not allowed to show their FACE to other men, as is our culture and custom, how they can be allowed to use FACEbook?” another argued.

Another middle aged guy, spitting out on the street, joined in. “If our girls go on the internet and meet guys from other communities, will our boys marry boys?? WA and FB is simply encouraging the boys to become Gay!!”, he thundered.

The All India Khap Association (AIKA) has also sent an official Diktat to FB and WA that they should ban all IP addresses originating from the Jatland with immediate effect. The boys in the area will be given special proxy IPs that will enable them to log on.

“Our culture is going to dogs”, said Chimanlal Bibua, a prominent Khap leader, while swiftly kicking a stray dog aside, “modern technology is spoiling our women, then we have to go and Rape them or Kill them in the name of honor, to teach them a lesson and keep them in their place, thats too much hard work and waste of time, no? Girls will be born again, but wo time to waapis nahi aayega na?”

The oldest leader of the pack solemnly said, “Now with the Women firmly in their place, we can all rest peacefully and get back to doing greater things like banning  Chinese, banning  Jeans and teaching everyone  Saraswati Mantra”

Concerned by the loss of users that this may cause, the Whatsapp team are working on a separate application which will be only for the Jat women (No Men Allowed), it will mostly be called as  JATsKhapp.

The app will be designed in such a way that women will be able to use it only if they are wearing a saree with the palloo draped over the head.

The proposal is currently under consideration by the Khap Panchayat.

Disclaimer: All the contents of this post are true as far as I know, but I don’t know much, in any case, so it’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not 😛

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