Dear Mr Kejriwal, Where Is Your Sting Operation Crew Now?

For a government which taught people all the skills of doing a sting operation for catching a corrupt person, Lal is surely a dud who could not manage to bring us some proof of the bribe allegation made by him.

When Delhi should boil because of the murder of a boy by a fellow countryman due to racial hatred, when the whole country is ashamed of the racial hatred perpetrated by its leaders in Delhi, when the fear of a long blackout is looming large on the people of Delhi, the government in Delhi is involved in meaningless stuff like preparing a list of politicians who, according to it, are corrupt and spinning conspiracy theories against the opposition trying to topple it.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government on Sunday launched a major offensive against the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party alleging that the party has been trying to buy off its MLAs to destabilise the newly formed government.

AAP MLA Madan Lal alleged that he had been approached by men close to top BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley. However, he provided no proof of this and said, “I had no direct conversation with any of these leaders.”

In a press conference headed by AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Ashutosh, Lal alleged that the BJP approached him first on December 7, a day before the Delhi poll results were announced. “This man said he would set up my meeting with Arun Jaitley. I told him to shut up and disconnected,” he said.

Lal added that he was approached again ten days ago by men who claimed to be close to Narendra Modi and offered Rs.20 crore each besides the CM’s chair for himself if he broke away from AAP along with nine other members and formed a new party.

As the saying goes, offence is not always the best defence, Kejriwal and his men seems to be caught in the same web that they have spun.

Few days after coming into the government, Kejriwal announced an anti-corruption helpline for the people of Delhi. For a government which taught people all the skills of doing a sting operation for catching a corrupt person, Lal is surely a dud.

Rather than arranging for a press conference and levelling an allegation of which no one has a proof, Kejriwal should have asked Lal to accept the bribe for they could do a sting operation and put a live example in front of the people. Or he could have recorded the voice of the caller now that many phones come with such facility. Also, he may have asked his government to pull his phone records from the service provider and nailed the people behind it.

This would not only have increased AAP’s ratings, it would have also worked wonders for its 2014 dreams. Not to mention, the series of defamation cases that will sprung up at the door of Kejriwal and party adding to the bad press they have already banked. They will be reduced to the likes of liars which they already drew parallel to when they waved fake Ugandan High Commission letter in the infamous midnight raid case.

But Kejriwal failed to remember his own trick and one may dismiss his allegations as a simple case of hoax call. Remember the time when someone called Attorney General impersonating Sonia Gandhi?

Even if Kejriwal shouts from the rooftop of the secretariat where he climbed to save himself from the mismanaged crowd of his experimental janata durbar, there is no denying the fact that his energy and time is going more into saving his government rather than governing.

And if he is still adamant on doing such nonsense press conferences, we have only one request – Please keep your sting operation crew ready Mr. Kejriwal and bring us some proof.

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