How, Toppling Apple, Google Became Biggest Brand In 2014?

Well, it’s official now. As Google beats Apple, the former is the top brand in 2014.

Apple has been dethroned. Yes you read that right! 

Google is the top brand in 2014. After ruling the number 1 spot in BrandZ’s “Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands” rankings for 3 consecutive years, Apple has been toppled by Google in 2014.

Google has grown by remarkably 40 percent since last year and now holds a brand value of $159 billion. Apple, too, however is doing well for itself by being in the 2nd spot. But it has declined whopping 20% than last year and is worth $148 billion. 

As the Google beats Apple, the big question doing the rounds are where did Apple go wrong and what strategies did Google apply? Firstly, experts opine that it is Apple’s lack of innovation that had cost the company its number 1 spot. What it is creating is merely evolutionary whereas customers love when the products are revolutionary and ground breaking. That’s what is Apple was known for. It would introduce products that were unthinkable of. Simply upgrading the existing line is not helping the brand in anyway. Google, on the other hand, is constantly ideating and moving forward. Google Glass, Project Ara, self driving cars, and Wi-Fi balloons are some of their ground breaking products from the recent times. The brand has been smart enough to utilize the information from across the world and present it at your finger tips. 

In addition to the big things Google is continuously upgrading its brand identity. For instance, they have been changing the logo on their search pages every day. This is an impressive factor. Here’s a brand that is taking all the pains to delight and surprise the browsers. Not surprisingly, they are doing what Apple has done all these years- build a brand technology. Google has aggressively worked for GoogleX by making Wi-Fi available across the globe through satellites tied to balloons over the earth. Their hard work and creativity have paid off. 

On the contrary, Apple has stuck on to its old products and has failed to deliver anything new and out of the box. This time there were no more surprises and delights. Even non-tech brands take care of the fact that they keep innovating and luring customers with new and effective products. As far as Apple is concerned there are always high aspirations and expectations out of this brand. But this time it could not live up to the expectations. 

Apple has the credibility to bounce back but can it do that without Steve Jobs spearheading the company? That’s a question time will answer. But for now Google is in! Right now, in 2014, when you think of a top brand, Google would be your answer.

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