The Best Apps For Use In India During Winters

Best apps for winter in India, These apps would assist users to keep track of the weather forecast, help them in planning holidays, keep them in good health, and even help to get out of their cozy beds during chilly mornings!

With the winters setting in, it is now time to take out woollens and get prepared for bonfires, picnics, hot coffee, and much more fun.

It is also the time of the year to download apps for use in India during winters.

We list 5 apps that every Smartphone user must download to gear up for the chilly weather!

1)  WeatherBug:

This is one of the most accurate weather apps which give a range of weather information, including temperature, direction of wind, humidity, and pressure of the city where the user resides. It displays weather alerts and forecasts, giving correct information about thunderstorms, as well as other weather tips. 

2)  WebMD:

Winters are also synonymous with Flu, Viral, and other ailments. Keeping a medical app is always advisable, especially during this season. WebMD is a reputed medical app for iPhone users. The most popular feature of the app is the ‘Symptom Checker’. By simply feeding in the symptoms, the users can get the name of the illness which is troubling them. However, if the symptoms get serious, we suggest visiting a medical practitioner.

3)  Lifttopia:

Winters get with them an opportunity to indulge in various adventurous sports too. Lifttopia is an amazing app for all the skiing fanatics, and it has in store the best in skiing deals from around the world. It also provides weather reports and directions to holiday resorts making the skiing vacation fun-filled and hassle free. 

4)  Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock:

Getting up in the morning during winters is a herculean task. Most of us snooze the mobile phone alarm and go back to sleep. Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock is the perfect answer to lazy winter mornings. The only way to put off this alarm app is by walking a few steps. By the time the user covers this distance, he is wide-awake! 

5)  Sweet ‘n’ Spicy:

The winter season is incomplete without good food! From ‘gajar halwa’ to ‘gobhi pakoras’ there are a bucketful of mouthwatering delicacies that this wonderful season gets along with it. Hence, downloading a recipe app is imperative. The ‘Sweet ‘n’ Spicy’ app is the home to over 4,000 recipes and it also comes with a ‘Calorie Calculator’ to help fitness freaks maintain their diet.

Get in the groove and welcome winters with a smile using these apps. The above-mentioned apps are sure to assist you through the upcoming chilly weather and make it a pleasant one too.

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