App Links: Facebook Magic Now Available For Mobile App Ads!

Facebook App Links now available for mobile app ads. So, now you can map your web content with mobile content.

Facebook, the leading social networking giant, has introduced App links – an open and cross platform solution for linking application to app, at its F8 global conference in San Francisco on 30th April this year. 

In addition to that the social network announced in a blog post that actually more than 1 billion unique app links have also been enabled by developers (mobile), also adding that the App Links can now also be used in mobile app ads through Preferred Marketing Developers. 

You must note that linking is a crucial part of what makes the Internet such a great place. But you must also remember that it is difficult to execute and expose deep links on mobile devices. And there is actually no other way to know if any other app supports deep links. Apart from that this is also no single standard that works across mobile domains. 

The App Links allows users to use all the tools they need to expose deep links in their app and also link to other third party apps.                                               

What does App Links do? 

Well, App Links allows you to map your web content to the content on your mobile devices. And, all you need to do is add a few tags to your web content and you are ready to go; that way, you would allow other developers to link in your mobile app directly. Remember, if you are a mobile specific app, you are got to be covered. And you can publish your tags with the help of App Links Hosting API, Parse Cloud Code, or any other services you might prefer. 

Ever since the introduction of App Links, hundreds and thousands of apps have adopted App Links that includes Mailbox, Spotify, Hulu, Quip, Goodreads, Vimeo and Live Nation. There are several third party software development kits like Facebook.NET SDK and Xamarin SDK that have embraced the standard. Till date, several developers have enabled more than 1 Billion innovative App Links on mobile platforms.  

With the help of App Links you can attract people to your app directly from stories on Facebook, irrespective of the fact they are published from a page, from your app, or people simply copying and pasting links/URLs. 

From today onwards, Facebook has confirmed, you will be able to use App Links in mobile app ads via your Preferred Marketing Developers.

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