Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Behaves When They’re Experiencing Bad Days!

Zodiac Signs During Bad Days – We all have our bad days.

Just like experiencing happiness, we all experience sadness in LIFE. We all know that that’s how our LiFe goes on & on. Now, while we are experiencing our bad days, we all behave differently because of our personality. Our personality is not the same, right? We are all different and we have our own mood set to behave during happiness & sadness. We all know how we behave when there are bad days going on in LiFe. But this article will help the ones you love understand your behavior, so that you know, they can know about your sadness to turn it into happiness.

Let’s begin with how each zodiac sign behaves when they’re experiencing bad days in their LiFe.

Zodiac Signs During Bad Days : –

  1. ARIES

The best thing an Aries will do during this time is, keep themselves busy. They’ll keep doing one thing or another. It’s their way of avoiding and keeping themselves distant from the things that’s causing them hurt. No matter what; they’ll get involved into doing every little thing that keeps them busy.


In this scenario; they believe in opening up to people. They think that bottling the FEELINGS will only double the problem, so it’s better to share. Taurus will make sure to talk to their friends & family members when things aren’t right in their LiFe.


Whenever people ask them “what’s wrong?” “Are you okay?” they do answer but they lie. Gemini’s have a hard time trusting people, so they best believe in hiding their emotions. They think battling their demons on their own will solve all the problems.


Cancerians be like “Oh there’s nothing, I’m totally Fine.” Yes, they will not share what’s going on etc. In this case, they’re a lot like Gemini’s, who believe in hiding their emotions, rather than sharing it out.

  1. LEO

Leo’s are very opposite. You know a Leo is angry when they start removing their anger on every little thing. For e.g. they’re watching TV and out of nowhere, they’ll start saying things in anger, which indirectly shows that they’re very hurt.

  1. VIRGO

They make sure to cancel plans. When they’re experiencing bad days, all they’ll do is either sleep (so that they can Forget the pain) or they’ll just sit in silence.

  1. LIBRA

No matter what; Librarians are very emotional at heart. But they never show their emotions. Even IF you guess it; then they’ll act like they have no problems or they’ll handle it on their own.


Scorpions cannot bottle their emotions inside. During their bad days, they’ll be loud and let others know how sad & frustrated they are in this moment. They need help but they don’t understand how to control their anger.


They’re a lot like Aries. Even they believe that avoiding problems will help them ease the hurt. So all they’ll do is, watch TV & YouTube videos. Or they’ll hang out with their friends but they won’t talk what’s causing them hurt.


Capricorns need silence and space. IF their mood is right, then they’ll come and talk. But mostly, they need silence and space that allows them to sit quietly with no noisy environment.

In these times, they look out for peace.


Aquarians are not good at sharing emotions because they don’t like opening up. They think that maybe sharing emotions will trouble others. So all they do is hang out with their colleagues, hiding their emotions.


For Pisceans, it is not easy. Like we know, they’re emotional at heart and they need time to heal when things aren’t right. Yes, they’ll share their emotions with people but still that’s not enough, at all.

They sit down and write their heart out on paper.

Zodiac Signs During Bad Days – Any thoughts? 

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