Five Negative Characteristics Of Taurus Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign

Negative characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign – Loyalty, thy second name is Taurus! Yes, the Taurus-born tend to be highly dependable and loyal in all areas of life, including relationships and work. However, they do have certain characteristics that can truly prove irksome at times.

Negative characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign

1 – Imitate the ‘Bull’

As indicated by the image associated with their sun sign, they are as stubborn as bulls are. Stubborn persistence is a great quality when linked to achievement of difficult goals or objectives. However, refusing to budge an inch even when one knows one is being rather irrational in behaviour or thought is definitely not a quality worth having.

2 – Hate Change

The Taurus-born become worried when confronted with novel experiences or challenging situations. They are not highly welcoming towards strangers either, becoming tongue-tied in their presence. This kind of inflexibility towards people and circumstances generally prevents them from enjoying life fully.

3 – Indulging Self

They are excessively fond of everything that is ‘material’, including food, possessions, etc. They not only love indulging themselves, but also love others indulging them. As a result, they are eternally lost in a realm of emotions, passions and sensations. They find it hard to understand other people’s emotions, or even care for them.

4 – Love being Possessive

It is perfectly reasonable to want stability and security in a relationship, especially in long-term relationships. However, possessiveness and jealousy may creep in at times, making life difficult for others. The Taurus-born are equally possessive about personal belongings too.

5 – Slow in Decision-Making

In a fast-changing world, it becomes imperative to take quick decisions at times. In fact, an emergency may even require impulsive thinking. However, the Taurus-born are over practical and over cautious in everything that they do. They hesitate to take chances, including in arenas like business, romance or marriage. Carefulness is a marvellous quality to possess, albeit within limits. Nevertheless, going overboard with methodical thinking can result in great loss and heartache sometimes.

These are Negative characteristics of Taurus zodiac sign – Admittedly, the Taurus-born has to be motivated to take life as it comes, without becoming stressed. After all, life is a blend of the roses and the thorns. Letting one’s hair down occasionally should do no harm.


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