Why Can’t You Buy Coca Cola In Cuba?

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Coca Cola, one of the popular beverage companies that are ruling all over the world since 1906 who has experienced many outcomes. Starting from production and selling of soda it now stands selling beverages. But Coca-cola in Cuba is not being able to establish its business. It is one of the three countries in the world where you will not find these company beverages.

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Coca-cola in Cuba after the US

The beverage company was established in the year 1886 by a pharmacist John Stith Pemberton. By 1889 it had large turnovers and slowly started expanding its business which formed its company in Atlanta. It was not an easy path to escalate the businesses when less or no one was interested in trying the new product. Though he invented the drink introducing it as a relief to severe headaches, the primary selling part was looked after by his Book Keeper, Frank M Robinson.

Initially, the sell was at low prices to evaluate its demand in the US market. By 1895 the drinks were sold to all the states of Union and by the First world war 1919, it was handed over to Ernest Woodruff’s Trust Company.

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The history mentions the time and hard-work that was indulged in making the large beverage company overtime. It was during the expansion of the business the first attempt after the US was in Cuba. It was in 1906, the company began to manufacture soft drinks for Cuba. All over the Coca-cola in Cuba was carrying out a huge business until Fidel Castro came up with the power to dominate as an activist. Cuban revolution started after his arrival when he started describing the drawbacks the country to face because of capitalism.

Summers without Coca-cola

After the Cuban revolution by Fidel, when  International companies and private domestic companies were forcibly converted as the National property of the country, Cuba. This has forced them to stop the dealings of the beverages in the Country. Even after hundreds of years in the production and selling all over the world, North Korea and Cuba are out of their business list.

India cannot assume summer without the chilled sips of Coca Cola, though it has many competitors in the market. As a supporter of Global investors, India is providing a huge market to the company and undoubtedly people are lovers of the beverage brand. The beverage has still been successful in occupying its market to a bottle of Coca-cola in all parts of the earth. The revolution had also tricked the business of other international companies who immediately left the country.

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So, if you are wandering around the streets and stalls searching for Coca-cola In Cuba, it is not possible that you can find one, similarly, several international markets have escaped due to the forced attempt of nationalizing the Branded foreign investors. Cuba is the neighboring country of America that denies accepting investors rather than using their properties means to own the business as the capital of their country.


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