Sacagawea the Bird Woman From Indigenous Native America

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Sacagawea’s contribution as a Native American is history. That demarcates her boldness and bravery which she carried throughout her life. She is popular for her work with Clark and Lewis expedition in which her dedication was throughout the journey. Remembered for a woman covering any expedition throughout without caring about her life and her small child. She showed her intense concern about others and tried to work for her indigenous Native America.

She stood as an inspiration to her society, on the contrary Sacagawea the bird-woman is known as a great explorer.

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Her name is from the Hidatsa tribe, Native America

After their birth in 1788, in Circa she was kidnapped by the indigenous group, the Hidatsa tribe. The name was given by the tribe, which means the Bird Woman. Sacagawea the bird-woman only at the age of 16 moved to support and work in exploring for the expedition. It was an essential movement that helped to develop connections with other parts of the world. Also, extend the trading part with the local American tribes.

The campaigns which were led had an extended achievement for both scientific and economic benefits of their people during the 1800s. She joined them to uplift the lives of the people and improve the future. She was among the explorer who did not think twice about her family and bravely worked.

The expedition aimed to discover and mark the new territories in the western part of the country. On 31 August 1803, the Lewis and Clark expedition started making its way towards the westward crossing the continental divide of the Americas.  Throughout the journey facing different difficulties, this bird woman completed the expedition.

Personal Life Swung With Expedition

While she was continuing with the expedition, she gave birth to her son whom the corps of discovery named Little Pomp. Immediately after giving birth in, 1804 this brave lady was ready for the journey to travel and discover after a week. She was mostly inclined to explore and find new places, also an adventurer.

While heading to the Missouri River in pirogues the troop had to face turbulences on the sea. It was a time when essential items such as journals and records were rescued by the Bird Woman. Finally, the river was named Sacagawea River for her instant and bold actions to save the documents and important items of the expedition.

Her job as an interpreter was excellent. It helped her troop to negotiate with Shoshone. She belonged to the respective tribe of the Shoshone. Her dedication was not measurable at all. Despite carrying an infant alone she never let her team delay the mission. Not only she backstepped for her son but continued brave and peaceful expeditions for Native Americans.

But due to Sacagawea, her first son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau suffered a restless life. He started traveling and exploring only after a week of his birth. For her successful expedition and commitment, the Bird Woman is inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  The Native American bold beauty died in 1812 due to unknown sickness.

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