Poorest Country in the World Richest in Culture

poorest country

Different countries in the world have individual cultures depending upon their kind of living and nature. Survival has been another reason that is connected to the variations in culture from one country to another. Democratic Republic Congo blessed with the richness of large industries of diamonds, cobalt, and copper. Though it has a massive area of industries it has a GDP growth of 4 percent, which makes it the poorest country in the world.

Being the poorest it has been holding the distinctive richness in a culture that creates an exceptional place for DR Congo, Africa.

Tribes 250

Four major ethical groups are observed in the different parts while it has a maximum of 250 tribal groups separated throughout. The Mongos, Luba, Kongo, and the Mangbetu-Azande are the largest known ethnic groups. The weapons and swords are identical that they used during the 19th century and those who have heard about the pygmies in the books. About pygmies of 600,000 are from the corners of DR Congo. Bantu is one of the non-indigenous people from the forest of Africa; they are the pygmies who were once worked as slaves.

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As the increase of tribes and its people accordingly, the languages in the poorest country are 242 in number. Lingala, the commonly heard language but the main or official language is French that has been extending from the time of colonization or slavery. Certainly, if you are moving through the streets or listening to the local music it is in the Lingala language. It stands as one of the national languages of DR Congo.

Congolese Sculpture

The contribution of artistry and culture is incomparable, the wooden sculptures are popular for folklore art. The Ndop statues are made in the memory of the King, while the Luba art is depicted as the symbol of motherhood. No, less the culture of the poorest country lacks back in the exploring their art and culture together enormously from different tribal or indigenous people.

Masks and ivories are depicted and made by the Lega tribes, so when intensely looked into the art and sculpture the 242 tribes will astonish you with the variations in hundreds. The art and sculptures of each tribe distinguish and symbolizes their culture.

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Pygmies literature

The most amazing human category are the pygmies from the forests of Africa. It has its own importance related to its survival in the rainforest and also the ancient survivor. The authors from Africa who had covered the stories of this precious tribe are Kama Kamanda, Ikole Botuli-Bolumbu are the international award winners.

The Novelists Timothee Malembe and Paul Desire Joseph Basembe created tales on the different tribes of the pygmies.

People from various ethical groups or genres emphasize their mode of style and living without interfering with each other’s culture. Resource wealth is agriculture, farming, fishing, and main agriculture provides the main resource to the highest population of the country. Existing as the poorest country in the world that has tribes with their individualities entitling DR Congo as the richest in culture.

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