Could You Ever Imagine About Smuggling Tunnel? It Exists

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Conception of smuggling tunnel were created decades ago, a secret path for Trans-border exchanges or selling of drugs. All over the world, few astonishing passages are used by criminals. The tunnels are in different parts of the world, hidden within the seas or under a railway track.

Almost impossible to detect the hidden tunnels covered with sounds and waves of the sea. There are some of the mysterious smuggling tunnels that were found out by the undercover agents.

The longest smuggling tunnel is in USA Mexico Border

The tunnel stretches to an extension of 4,309 ft, it passes through Mexico city an area of the Industrial site located in Tijuana. It extends to San Diego, California a cross border that works as a passage for cross-border drugs smuggling.

Drugs smuggling, trafficking, or any illegal movements continued through this passage of Mexico. Business operation through cross borders was interrupted and frequent until it was hidden. According to the experts and undercover agents smuggling in Mexico is similar to balloons.

It describes the increase in the crime rates related to narcotics, drugs smuggling. The smuggling tunnels have been serving as a busy route for the criminals.

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Most tunnels moves toward Mexico

While estimating about the smuggling tunnels about 170 throughout the world moved towards Mexico in 1990. This helps to predict the rate of increase in illegal activities in Mexico. US borders are surrounded by cross borders tunnels, was 2014 as big as 481 ft was found in Nogales.

Construction of the tunnels may not be easily found out but after the businesses or illegal activities, the stretches of the pathways are into the eyes of the investigators.

On-road there is an increase in security that pushed the criminals to find new ways for their businesses. It is one of the reasons that despite strict securities the drugs and narcotics access cannot be stopped.

The paths are properly lighted and ventilated with a drainage system. A drainage system was constructed to remove the dirty water from the pathways. One of the well-planned construction that served the purpose of drugs smuggling.

This tunnel also has a rail system, a synchronized route was built for a comfortable and fast movement crossing the borders.

Rest part of the world

US –Mexico ranks at the top for having 170 numbers of tunnels. But after Mexico, the next country is Germany with more than 69 in number. The crime rate in these countries is high even after the strong surveillance.

The next dangerous tunnels are of India and Pakistan that are used for the transfer of illegal weapons, explosives, and movements of terrorists. There are almost 12 such dangerous smuggling tunnels, one was recently discovered in 2021. Smuggling tunnel was used for the Pulwama attack in 2019 for the transfer of weapons and terrorists from Pakistan to India.

Cattle smuggling tunnels are several that link the route between India and Bangladesh.  Illegal Immigrants and cattle move through these paths that were built decades ago.

Smuggling tunnels link the cross borders, the construction of the tunnels with amenities keeps the chances to increase the business in the future. Few are discovered while some are to be created in the future, its existence remains unhindered.

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