Must Watch: Find Out How Christmas Night Turns Out To Be Shocking For This Live-In-Couple!



During Christmas season, we all mostly love to stick around and stay with our parents, right? But for this couple, who are secretly in a live-in relationship, things aren’t the same like it should be and that’s why, they end up fighting on Christmas Eve too.

Right after then, the girl’s parents decides to come and surprise her…But the way that guy tries to keep everything secret is quite relatable and hilarious. And to make it worse at one extent, the “super-sexy” landlord tries to reveal the truth…Unfortunately, the parents have something to reveal too.

Now what will be their secret? And do you think, they’ll come to know about their daughters’ live-in secret? Ugh…So many question and to find out the answer, you MUST watch this ROM-COM short film called “TERI MERI CHRISTMAS” by The Short Cuts.

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