Myntra Founder On Selecting A Co-Founder For Start-Ups

Selecting a co- founder for start up

Choosing the co-founder for your start-up is a very difficult decision and involves a lot of effort and testing. This video tells you what you should look for in your co-founder, and it comes from none other than the very successful Myntra Founder, Mukesh Bansal.

He lets you in on the roadblocks one faces while progressing with a start-up company and why it is important to have a co-founder who relates with your dreams and goals.

He even suggests working with the person you have decided to work with as a co-founder for a while before actually starting the start-up. This would enable you to understand how compatible you would be working with your prospective co-founder.

You will hereby also come to know if s/he is equally passionate about the business idea and would continue the business with you despite adversities.


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