Let’s Bring The Bigg Boss Out In The Open!

Who is Bigg Boss – We talk about probable candidates who can fit the role of Bigg Boss! No one has seen his face, so we are making a guess!

Bigg Boss 1 was in hiding!

Bigg Boss 2 also didn’t show his face!

Bigg Boss 3 also just enticed us with his voice, without ever showing his face!

This went on and on and on for freaking seven long years and now even Bigg Boss 8 isn’t visible to us!

Who is Bigg Boss?

Is he the secret of the century or some alien who has travelled through galaxies to finally rest on the earth and entertain us earthlings with his deep seductive voice with a baritone that makes everyone glued to their seats? It’s like, who is HE?

Well, no one really knows, but we have shortlisted five people who could probably be Bigg Boss!

Let’s find out who can be the Bigg Boss amongst these 5:

Amitabh Bachchan

He is the first and last choice for being Bigg Boss! No one can match his deep voice which has been the benchmark for millions in our country. Also, the kind of pure Hindi he speaks, is there any doubt that only he can be the Bigg Boss? However, he fails on one count which is that the Bigg Boss doesn’t say ‘hayin’ at the end of every sentence in the typical Big B style! Ahhh what a loss!


Arjun Rampal

This handsome hunk surely fits the bill given his deep throaty voice and also the fact that he is mostly out of work! No, its not that he is an unemployed failure, but then for a long time he hasn’t done wonders as an actor so who knows he might have started this as part time and now can’t let go of it for the amount of money he makes. Also, his friendship with Shahrukh Khan has gone kaput so he may well be our Bigg Boss! There is only one glitch though; he loves to be in front of the camera. So, we don’t think he can remain hidden for that long. The keeda of ‘being seen’ won’t let him be a Bigg Boss for this long! Sigh, another wicket down.


Jackie Shroff

Jackie dada with his husky voice and that tapori style looks apt for playing the Bigg Boss! Since he has aged gracefully as well, he commands that kind of respect and has the authority to make people listen to him. But, oh this but! Yeah, but the problem is our Bigg Boss doesn’t start and end every sentence with beedu’! There goes another candidate down the drain!


Atif Aslam

The crooner from across the border, the singer who has won millions of hearts with his exemplary songs has a voice which might make women go weak in their knees and make men try to ape him to impress girls! Who knows, he might have started his career as Bigg Boss only and then ventured out as a singer, right? However, our Bigg Boss is never heard singing or even humming anything and if Atif was the Bigg Boss, he couldn’t have stopped himself from singing for 8-long-seasons! Lost, another potential candidate!


Ajay Devgn

Ajay has the intensity not only in his eyes, but also in his voice that can make hearts beat faster while at the same time he can use a tone to sooth the nerves! A perfect combination required to be the Bigg Boss. He definitely seems the one except for one minor teeny-weeny non-issue. No matter what’s the situation inside the house, Bigg Boss is never heard screaming, ‘Ata Majhi Satakli’! There it goes; even someone like Ajay fails the probability test! 


Well, we tried and still are unable to find out who can be the real Bigg Boss!

In case you guys know anything more than us or have any hints, do share the update! The winner will get to see the face of Bigg Boss!

Of course, who knows him, will know his face too, right? ‘wink’wink’

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