Upen Patel’s Love Triangle With Soni And Sonali! Will It Work?

This story is about a probable love triangle between Upen Patel, Sonali Raut and Soni Singh in the Bigg Boss season 8. Upen is playing smart by lying low, gaining some brownie points with both the girls. Will they uncover his mask?

Bigg Boss house is depressingly boring if there are no link-ups, no love angles or no romantic liaisons!

After all, it is a house inhabited by young and sexy people, sparks have to be there, and chemistry has to be bubbling, testosterone got to be over-flowing! Some contestants like Arya Babbar and Minissha Lamba have already discussed the possibilities both of them explored before entering the house to gain public attention by using a mixture of lust and love. It didn’t work out is a different matter though.

What’s surprising is Upen Patel’s hidden strategy. It can be safely called in Mumbaiya lingo as, Yeda bann ke peda khana! This guy showed some action in the first week, but after that he has been keeping pretty low. No controversy, scandal or outburst of anger at all. Being a total gentleman you see. But there-in lie his smart working brain which is quietly observing and analyzing everything! In fact we are also totally surprised by the way he is handling everything inside the extremely volatile house and charting his own course oblivious to everyone.

After winning the task of Babbar vs. Lamba where he was supposed to marry Sonali Raut, he was later seen subtly flirting with her and trying to come close to her, of course in a decent manner. And then in yesterday’s episode, where Soni Singh was pissed off at Gautam Gulati, Upen was seen comforting Soni! Hmm what’s going on dude?

Okay, we are not saying that there is a love triangle, not yet at least, but clearly the seeds have been sown! This guy Upen has observed that Gautam lives in a world of his own, doing his comedy stuff or psycho stuff which is clearly putting off all women! Arya is busy making everyone part of his family so he also loses on the coveted title of the ‘dude of the house’. Pritam, Sushant, Praneet and Puneet are not even worthy contenders to Upen’s charms and dashing looks. See, at the moment, he easily stands out and every babe in the house, who is looking to enhance her own appeal based on some controversial link-ups, will try to woo Upen! Lucky guy, right?

So who is going to fall for him first? Soni or Sonali? Well, Sonali is a smartass chick who knows how to play such games. On the other hand, Soni looks a bit naïve and childish and her chemistry with Upen can be a traditional handsome hunk wooing simpleton kinds! This may not have the spice and masala required for it to be a wild and raunchy (within Bigg Boss house rules, of course!) affair, but it would clearly appeal to those masses who want to see a clean decent romance given the show is now for family viewing!

Things are finally hotting up inside the house guys, in its real sense! Bring on some wild romance guys; we love sexy love triangles of any kinds!

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