The Ideal Couple Of Bigg Boss House Is Revealed: Find Out Who!

The ideal couple of Bigg Boss 8 house – Gautam and Diandra’s friendship is blooming again amidst strong signs of romance about to happen. They do come across as opposite personalities, but then opposites only attract!

The wait is finally over guys!

It’s been more than eight weeks of Bigg Boss 8 and till now, all we got were rumours, speculations and allegations of supposed romance between various housemates!

However, now the clouds of uncertainty are fading away and slowly what is emerging is a clearer picture of a couple which looks like perfect in terms of compatibility.

This is a couple which can easily be labelled as a perfect couple in terms of real world and not belonging to some fantasy la la land!

We are talking about the brewing friendship-cum-romance between Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares!

It is not totally surprising or shocking because of their history. Oh no, not outside the house, but during the initial days of Bigg Boss, these guys were often seen exhibiting high levels of PDA! Then in between, misunderstandings happened, which led to various fights and arguments, but the winds of change have started blowing in their direction again, bringing understanding, love and compassion! Well, the major reason of their so called misunderstanding, Sonali Raut, is already out of the way so we don’t think anything else cans top them in their tracks of getting into some full-blown romance.

The reason these two are a perfect couple are because of their personalities. Let’s discuss them a bit to help you understand what we are saying.


Both Gautam and Diandra are extremely eccentric, strong and weird kind of personalities. Of course both are highly motivated go getters and ready to go to any lengths to achieve their dreams and goals which make them very similar to each other. This definitely gives them lots to talk about when they are not in a mood to get intimate, even though there might be just a few of those intellectual moments between the two! Still, common things help to form a strong bond.




While Diandra seems to have a soft-corner given that she is a girl and most girls are emotional, Gautam comes across as a cold-blooded hardcore strategist who only focuses on his aims! Nothing, no emotion, no feeling can distract him ever. Also, Gauti is fair in his dealings, is very blunt and doesn’t play dirty games while Diandra is absolutely opposite to him in these characteristics.


There must be many more similarities and differences between the two, but as two individuals, the points we discussed above, are good enough to understand if they can work as a couple. We think they will rock! As a couple, their fights would be high decibel and their love would be equally passionate and raw! Competitors at work and partners at home!

Now this kind of chemistry is required between any real-life couple which is very difficult to achieve, but not impossible. Who knows, Gautam and Diandra become the real-life ideal couple as well!

Good luck guys, show some more heat and passion, both while fighting and loving!

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