Rucha Hasnabis a.k.a. Rashi Set To Quit Saathiya to Walk Down The Aisle

Rucha Hasbanis is one known face who has been a fave on telly since the time Saath Nibhaana Saathiya started getting aired on Star Plus.

Rucha Hasbanis is a known face who has been a favorite on television since the time “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya” started getting aired on Star Plus.

We hear from an inside sources that the lovely actress is set to get married to her beau of many years. Real surprising that sounds as a reason! Given that the actress has been associated with the show ever since it begun, it is a bit of a setback for the makers. However, the actress has a good rapport with the house and the channel, and thus, has continued on the show. It seems like she wanted to get hitched for long and she finds the end of this year or early next year as the right moment.

Well, the next reasons we scooped out about why she is quitting the show is that being the only child of her parents, she wants to make sure she focuses on her family now, instead of her career. Well, this is a pretty typical Indian way to show how much you care for your parents. Moreover, she is actually close to her mom. In fact, she adds that she has a bunch of cousins and extended family to spend time with as well.

Rucha is currently on her notice period of two months prior to quitting the show. The rumor mills have earlier revealed that the serial “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” is set to go off air in December 2014. Back then, we heard that the actors and actresses playing lead characters of Rashi, Gopi, Jigar and Ahem were not too keen on a generation leap that the makers were planning. However, the buzz was dismissed and the producers pacified the lead cast to nod to a minor time leap.

With this rather happier revelation, came the conjecture that Rucha wanted a meatier role for herself. All this, despite the fact the role was shaping up as per the initial narration. Much to our wonder and Rucha’s pleasure, the producers negotiated with her on the fee aspect and the addition of some flesh to her role. So much so that she was pushed to an equal front as Gopi. Despite all this, Rucha is said to have been unhappy and was trying to etch a better deal with the production house.

The latest marriage grapevine is perhaps true. However, we barely know what extent celebs could go to for seeking meat in their compensation or roles. As for now, we wish her loads of luck on her new track in life. We hope she gets to fulfill all her dreams.


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