Are Samir Soni And Sonali Bendre, The Next Hot Couple?

Samir Soni And Sonali Bendre are the Next Hot Couple. Wea are talking bout Balaji’s new show starring Samir Soni and Sonali Bendre

This is really some hot news!

Fresh from the oven of TV industry!

The sensitive, broody actor of TV, Samir Soni will soon be paired with the sultry diva of film industry, Sonali Bendre. Yeah, this casting coup is supposedly anchored by none other than the TV czarina! Are you guessing? Well, who else but Ekta Kapoor, for her new TV show. Only she can think real wild and bring two never-considered-before people to share the screen space. 

Samir has been dabbling between TV serials and character roles in various films for past many years. Even though he started as a lead in movies, he never got success and eventually had to shift focus on TV for his bread and better. As they say a Film’s discard is TV’s hero! Ouch!! That was way below the belt but truth has to be told the way it is.

So in those terms, another of movies’ discard, Sonali Bendre will be making her debut on fictional TV show. Yes, it’s a debut because she has done lot of reality shows where all it was required from her was to look good, talk well and judge others (don’t know if she was ever qualified to judge anybody for that matter!!), but now she will have to act, be a different character and be judged by the supreme judge of all, i.e. us, the audience. Yeah, we got the power, right??

So talking about this unusual pair, what do you think can happen? Either she will have to prove her mettle as an actress, which she never did in any of her films or she can easily hang her boots, take voluntary retirement and enjoy being a producer’s wife (yes, she married a famous film producer Goldie Behl!!) We would definitely prefer the latter option as even though she looks real yum, to see her emote, well, less said the better!

As far as Samir is concerned, he is a very good actor. Apart from his stint on Big Boss where he was too OTT, he has been bearable and quite a treat to watch. If nothing else, his wife Neelam and Ms. Bendre, both incidentally are yesteryear actresses, can share the gossips about ageing gracefully. For this really considerate job of keeping his wife entertained, Sonali’s hubby Goldie can actually thank Samir by giving him a decent role in his upcoming movie! Well, don’t be so puzzled, it all is a filmy family. Everyone is connected with everyone and keep working with each other only!

Anyways, the show is still in the making and as usual Samir hasn’t confirmed anything yet, we are sure if this pair does come on screen, sparks won’t wait to take a flight! If not for their acting, at least for their inviting looks for sure!

We as docile audiences might have to make-do with some good looking ageing stars.

Anyone interested???

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