These Are The Most Safest Cities For Women In India, As Per The Study So Far

Safest cities for women in India

Safest cities for women in India – The recent spike of hate crimes against women has shamed India in the international forefront and the predators are still on the prowl even if the government has tightened the security measures.

India is gasping to catch some breath from the quicksand of moral policing and character analysis of women, looks like a way liberated society is not a distant dream now that women have come out of the closet and voiced their angst. But is that enough? Should not we treat every single crime against women with equal importance and not just highlight those which make for great political gains.

Not all the Safest cities for women in India and women are getting raped in broad day light in full public glare without a single person coming to her rescue.

Now that we have reached this saturation point of tolerance, we seriously need to buckle up and fight to make our cities safer for women who travel/live/work alone.

We give you here the names of a few cities which are deemed safe for women in India as per study:

The National Crime Records Bureau has initiated surveys on finding out the safest cities of women in India that doesn’t judge them on their clothes, doesn’t encourage moral policing, women can be back form their work late, can mind their own business without having to worry about lecherous glances. The cities are Kovalam (Kerala), Goa, Shillong (Meghalaya), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Hyderabad, Kolkata (West Bengal).

Both Kovalam and Goa are main tourist attractions of the country and thousands of foreign travellers come here to soak up some sun and feast their eyes on the idyllic beaches. Both the cities are beyond inhabitations and perfectly suitable for women who want to have fun.

The other cities that have been mentioned also are safest for women.

Safest cities for women in India


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