Prettiest Pink Beaches In The World You Will Fall In Love With Them

pink beaches

Pink beaches – You have seen beaches with oh-so-soft, white/light-golden sand contrasting with the deep blue/turquoise waters of the seas and oceans, often enough. However, have you been to those few places across the globe, which boast of pink sand?

If you have never even heard of them, here they are!

Pink beaches –

  • Balos Lagoon – Surrounded by rocks and cliffs, it nestles comfortably between the coast of Crete and the Greek Islands of Gramvousa. Fortunately, the islands are uninhabited, granting you all the privacy you want. Do you need it? Of course, you do, if you desire to frolic in the warm and shallow waters first, prior to relaxing on the beach. The sand is an exquisite shade of light pink, since it is formed from crushed shells!

Pink Beaches

  • Pink Beach – Found on Bonaire Island in the Leeward Antilles, South America, the beach owes its fantastic colour to the crushed shells of a humungous number of bright-pink foraminifera. People flock to the Island to enjoy water sports too.

  • Spiaggia Rosa – Once again, numerous marine microorganisms are responsible for the picturesque appearance of this beach on Budelli Island, Italy. Powerful waves crush the shells of these animals. Therefore, the colours of the sand and the surrounding granite rocks match one another.

pink beaches

  • Great Santa Cruz Island – Located in Zamboanga City, it possesses the only pink beach in the whole of The Philippines. The beach owes its mesmerising beauty to the skeletons of red organ pipe coral, which were pulverised by surf erosion over centuries. They drifted landwards and mixed up with the sand, giving it that marvellous hue.

pink beaches

  • Harbour Island – Located in the Bahamas, this administrative district possesses around three miles of a sandy beach, albeit pinkish in hue. If you would look keenly at a gram of sediment, you would find hundreds of dead shells of foraminifera. You would find hundreds of living organisms as well.

pink beaches

These pink beaches are a novelty! You might begin your vacation by exploring a couple of them. Who knows, you might develop such a bonding with the colour ‘pink’ that you long to keep coming back to these sandy spots!

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