You Won’t Be Able To Eat In Any Restaurant After Listening To These Chef Confessions

confessions by chefs

You must have heard people making excuses of not eating at roadside shops because they are unhygienic.

Now, what I don’t understand is how those people are sure that the restaurants they are going to is serving them the right kind of food. I mean, anything could be happening in the kitchen until and unless you are going to a restaurant that lets you enter into their kitchen when you go there to eat. But seems like we are good at turning a blind eye towards expensive things, huh?

In that case, I want you to listen to these confessions by chefs and seriously, you won’t feel like eating at restaurants after that.

Confessions by chefs –

1 – “Sometimes we get angry when our boss scolds us or when the customer is cranky, so we make sure we put out our frustration in the food. Yes, it is true what they say, we spit in it at times.”

2 – “We do forget to wash our hands at times, especially during the rush. Who has time to wash hands after peeing when the customer is shouting outside for his order?”

3 – “Half of the vegetables that we use are rotten at times because when something is being made in bulk, no one notices.”

4 – “A lot of people come to use with changes in a particular dish and we do nothing but replace their dish with someone else’s and give their dish to others.”

5 – “When someone leaves the bread basket untouched, we transfer it to another table. Even the leftovers of a vegetable are put back into the dish. We just don’t waste as much as people think.”

6 – “The breads we use are technically 7-8 days old but nobody ever notices because we have a certain of maintaining the essence with the help of few tricks.”

7 – “When something drops in a drink like an insect or a mosquito, we just remove it from that drink and serve the drink to our customer. No one gets to know.”

These are the confessions by chefs – Well, these confessions by chefs were brutally honest and anonymous for reasons to save their job. But are you going to eat at those restaurants anymore? I don’t think so!

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