Stay During Travel No More A Problem!

Affordable stay during travel – we have come up with some very cool places where you can not only stay but give a totally different definition to your travel stay in a certain city.

When you travel to some unknown place, especially alone, the biggest challenge is about the stay.

And when you are a backpacker, you would obviously like to save your penny rather than splurging it on a luxurious hotel. So where can you find a cheap, secure and yet happening place to stay whenever you travel?

Don’t worry! We have come up with some very cool places where you can not only stay but give a totally different definition to your travel stay in a certain city.

Taking back all the lovely memories with all kinds of luxury in a budgeted and comfortable stay, trust me it’s just worth it!


Its increasing popularity itself has not much to say. Zostel is India’s first branded backpacking hostel where you will find all kinds of facilities like lodging, library, food, wi-fi anything and everything in a very nominal rate. The best part is this space makes you meet many other interesting travellers and backpackers and can exchange some exciting travel stories. Zostel facilities are at present available in 7 cities of the country including Goa, Jaipur and Delhi.




Founded in 2008, Airbnb is one great lodging facility for all the travellers which are functioning in around 192 countries, across the globe.  Through airbnb you can easily stay at a rented home or a property in a much affordable rates and this helps in a lot of cultural exchange. You are supposed to register your profile on the site and you can easily find a proper accommodation.



Youth Hostels

The Youth Hostel Association of India aims to provide a comfortable and proper accommodation for all the travellers to promote tourism, travel and education in a better way. You will find number of youth hostels across the country and this can be a good choice for your stay at a new place. They also have special provisions regarding the safety and they stay of their guests. You can also be a member of the Youth Hostel and they will keep you updated with their all kinds of activities of travel and trekking.



Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing is another international site which is a boon to all the backpackers and travellers around the world. By making a profile on this site you can interact with the people of that city where you need to travel and you can ask them to arrange for their accommodation. It can depend on them that either they can make you say at your place or if possible can give you some other good options. This can be a great platform to interact with people and have friends in which ever city you travel.


With so many great options, accommodation while travelling cannot be a tension anymore and you can experience an amazing stay with these places and some good facilities round the clock. So we hope you have a great stay with an awesome trip ahead!

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