A lot can happen over coffee because…

When someone calls you over coffee be for a causal date, a catching up session or even for a business meeting there is a reason behind it. Here are those few possible reasons…

The coffee culture in India has led to an altogether different influence on people’s life. Today with the mushrooming of coffee shops across the country everyone often has a reason to pay a visit to these fancy hangout spots.

There are various occasions why people meet over coffee but if you think of the reasons behind these coffee meetings it could actually make you giggle. Take a look at them yourself…

You don’t get high when you brew it


You can talk for hours on end  


It is not an expensive affair


Nothing gets stuck between your teeth


It is a totally burrp-free beverage



So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee and ask someone to join in! 

Have a great day ahead!

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