Living out of a suitcase: Things to carry

If you are constantly under the spell of wanderlust and living out of a suitcase has become the norm, let’s help you out with some cool traveling tips.

If you are constantly under the spell of wanderlust and living out of a suitcase has become the norm, let’s help you out with some cool traveling tips. The next time you set out on a vacay, don’t let the pressure of your suitcase bog you down!

Switch-over clothes
Since traveling light is of utmost importance, carry clothes that can be switched-over. That is, instead of carrying a stole, a scarf and a duppata separately, pick one item that would go with your top, shirt and salwar-kurta. This way, you’re funky and load-free. Carry vests, which you can wear under a coat or a ganji or over a transparent tee. This way, you have got three combinations out of one item! If you’re traveling to a cold location, invest in sweat-shirts that you can pair with a shawl or scarf. Don’t carry bulky jackets as they can take up a lot of space. And the best way to travel smart is to buy a skirt that has many inches of hemline on it. You can sew and undo depending upon the occasion. If you’re visiting a church, go for the longer version of the skirt. But for clubbing, sew the hems (you get stick-on layers too) and fold it up!



Instead of carrying different beauty items, just invest in a gentle face wash that can also act as a body wash. Carry plenty of shampoo sachets and soap strips as they won’t take up much space. If you’re on a trek, make sure your bug-repellent is handy. You may also go in for a moisturizer with a good SPF content so that it can act as a sunscreen and body lotion.

Traveling batteries
These little batteries are amazing for a long trip as they keep your smartphone from running out of power. Simply replace your phone’s battery with a charged one and slot your old battery into the tiny charger to be plugged into a power socket. Once your new battery drains out of charge, replace it with your old one that’s now fully charged! It’s a lot smarter than conventional chargers that can be misplaced or your hotel rooms may not have many charging points. Avoid iPods, iPads and other fancy items as they can get lost. Keep your cameras handy though, it’s going to help you relive the places once you get back home. Cameras also come with reusable batteries, traveling batteries and chip batteries that you can invest in.


All-purpose shoes
If you’re going to be beach-hopping, carry only a pair of detailed and trendy slippers that can be worn with your shorts, summer dresses, kaftans and even jumpies. If it’s going to be a total sight-seeing affair, go for closed footwear with tiny openings for your feet to breath. This will help your feet from tanning in the sun. And for trekking fun, carry a sturdy pair of shoes. Whatever you do, don’t carry more than one pair as these tend to bulk up your luggage.

Emergency kit:
Even if you’re with a gang, it’s best to keep an emergency kit for, well, emergencies. You can have a small diary with all the important numbers in case your phone conks off. You can also keep basic medicines like Crocin, pain-killers, Viks and sanitary pads. Don’t forget to keep maps, language translation books and a small compass ready in the kitty. Your trusted smartphone may give up on you in the middle of nowhere or go out of range, so it’s best keep these traditional tools with you. Keep cash as well as relevant currencies and one debit/credit card so that you never have to panic about wallet-thefts.

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