Yoga Poses For Clear, Radiant, And Glowing Skin

Yoga for glowing skin

Yoga for glowing skin – Tired of those make ups and beauty treatment on your skin? Here we have Yoga at the rescue. Known to have multiple benefits to body, yoga is also a fantastic way for flawless beautiful skin.

Here are some yoga poses that results in the radiant skin.

Yoga for glowing skin –

1 – Simhasana [Lion Pose]

Good for eyes as this asana stimulates the nerves in the eyes, relieves tension in face, prevents ageing effects.

How Do It: Kneeling on the mat, place your palms apart on the mat and bend forward keeping the eyes open looking upwards with the tongue stretched out like trying to touch chin with it. Now breath or make a roar sound like that of a lion with the tongue outside itself. Hold for few seconds and return to normal posture.

2 – Ujjayi Pranayama [Ocean Breathe]

This effectual improves the skin condition, clears the clogged arteries, prevents thyroid, boasts the concentration.

How Do It: Sitting straight in ‘Padmasana’ posture, inhale and exhale with both the nostrils. Remember that while inhaling the air should touch the throat. Inhale deep and slowly exhale from one nostril by closing another nostril with the thumb.

Yoga for glowing skin

3 – Uttanasana [Forward Bend]

Helps in reducing depression, fatigue; calms down the brain; improves the blood circulation in face giving out clean and clear skin.

How Do It:

Standing straight with legs close, rise both the hands above the head and slowly bend the hands forward trying to touch feet letting the hands hang free. Do this for a minute and restore to normal posture.

Yoga for glowing skin

4 – Bharadvajasana [Bharadvaja’s Twist Pose]

When the food taken is properly digested, flushes out all the toxic material outside the body resulting in a clear skin as always desired.

How Do It: Sitting down with legs stretched forward, now bending the legs to the left twist to the right with left hand under the right knee.

Yoga for glowing skin

5 -Nadi shodanPrayanama [Alternate Nostril Breathing]

This asana supplies good flow of oxygen through out the body.

How Do It: Sitting in padmasana posture, place the left hand on the left knee getting into contact both thumb and index finger. Now place both the index finger and middle finger of right hand in between the eyebrows on the face. Inhale through the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril.

Yoga for glowing skin

These are the Yoga for glowing skin – Practise these yoga poses for 15-12 minutes and your skill will glow from within.

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