How To Choose The Right Concealer For Your Skin

Concealer For Your Skin

Concealer for your skin – Concealer is one of the best things to hide the dark circles as well as transform your skin tone.

Not just that, it works like an eraser for the spots and pimples that you have on your skin. But the secret behind achieving all these skin goals with the help of a concealer is choosing the right one for yourself.

There are a hundred types of concealers that are available in the market and you have to figure out which one is good for you.

So, here are some tips that will tell you how to choose the right concealer for your skin.

Right concealer for your skin –

1. Identify your skin undertone

The skin undertone is under the surface of either acne, pimples or sun tan on your face. All these things change your skin shade but your undertone remains the same. To get the right concealer you first have to identify your skin undertone which is either warm, cool or neutral.

2. Identify it through veins

Well, one of the easiest way to identify skin undertone is by looking at your veins that appear on your wrist. We all know that they are blue but are they more towards green or purple? Blue-purple veins means you have a cool undertone, blue-green says warm undertone and if you can’t see either purple or green, then it is neutral.

3. Exfoliate your skin and wear white

When you test the concealer on your skin after finding the right undertone, make sure you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin properly. As well as, you must wear white and stay in proper light so that the shade is clearly visible to you.

4. Test it on both face and neck

Though neck is always lighter in shade than the face, you have to check properly whether the concealer you found makes both the face and the neck look even or not. So, apply it evenly on all the areas.

5. Go 1-2 shades lighter on skin tone

Always choose a shade or two lighter than your skin to make it look brighter and to highlight all the dull areas.

This is the way you can choose right concealer for your skin. Once you have found the right concealer, make sure you get the right foundation and compact as well to look flawless as ever.

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