Things You Will Understand If You Are Dating A Fashion Conscious Girl

fashion conscious girlfriend

Such a big world and so many kinds of girls but even then if you end up with a fashion diva, only God can help you my child.

Well, it’s not easy to be with a fashion conscious girlfriend because for her, everything has to be perfect.Being ramp ready 24*7 is all that she cares for and people literally vie for her fashion sense.

Having her by your side is as good as problematic for you and I am sure you will understand these things if you have a fashion conscious girlfriend.

  1. No occasion is ordinary for her

Whether you are taking her out for just a movie or a friend’s party, she keeps all of it on an equal scale for fashion. Well, she doesn’t take any chance and always looks her best no matter where you take her.

  1. You need to inform her for plans in advance

When you know that you two have to go together somewhere, you always have to tell her in advance. Because if you don’t give her the required time, she won’t be going anywhere with you. After all, she needs a little time to choose her clothes and think of her look for the day.

  1. You can never be under dressed

Being fashion conscious is not something she follows for herself but she wants you to take care of that too. This is the reason that you are always required to dress up well whenever you go out with her.

  1. Shopping is like oxygen for her

Just like normal people can’t live without oxygen, she cannot live without shopping. For her, it’s as important as any necessity in this world. At times, she even drags you for shopping and makes sure that your closet is also up to date.

  1. She attracts a lot of compliments

Her fashion sense is always to the point and people can’t resist but compliment her on whatever she wears. And that gets you a lot of compliments too because she is a nice catch my friend.

This is what happens when you have fashion conscious girlfriend. So, if your girlfriend is fashion conscious, you have got a lot to deal with. But at the same time, you should be glad that you have someone who thinks so much of perfection by your side. Because there are a lot of people who envy you a lot.

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