8 Strange Things That Can Make You Horny As Hell !


It is incomprehensible how your libido can be turned off and on all on its own, thanks to the presence of certain odors, sights, habits, etc.

You might find it weird but yes these things can turn on you may it’s high time you experience, and for the ones who already experience libido with these things will know how it feels like.

Things that turn on libido –

  • Laughter

When you express happiness/fun from deep within, you come across as someone with a great sense of humor. Laughter becomes the foreplay for what will automatically follow.

  • Fresh Bed Sheets

Mmm, there is really nothing to beat the fresh and clean odours emanating from new or beautifully washed bed sheets. You just want to relax and roll around on them!

  • Eating Watermelon

Citrulline, an amino acid present in watermelon, helps the blood to flow more strongly within your veins, treating even erectile dysfunction. If you are male and love gorging on this fruit, expect your sexual hormones to roar!

  • Exercise

Astonishingly, a vigorous workout urges your brain to go in for a quick roll in the hay! Moderate-to-severe exercise prompts the brain to release a neurotransmitter/hormone called Serotonin. You feel healthy and positive.

  • Sorrow or Anxiety

Grieving should put a halt on all kinds of other emotions, including sexual desires. Paradoxically, you believe that rushing into another’s arms will help you forget your sorrows.

It is the same with anxiety or fear, wherein all your senses are at a heightened level.

  • Odors or Colours

Every smell evokes a pleasant memory. When you bring on scented candles or strong perfumes into the picture, or even fragrant cinnamon buns, the bed is the only place to be!

As for colour, red represents deep love and passion. Is it any wonder then, that a man often chases the ‘woman in red’?

  • Reading

Now, this is indeed odd! How can anyone become sexually stimulated by watching a good-looking or sexy person reading? Experiment, and see if this works for you.

  • Lookalikes

Again, this relates to males particularly. They become excited upon meeting females who generally resemble them in physique. You know hot bodies, same height, color, attract.

Things that turn on libido – Why wait for these ‘prompts’ anyway, just to enhance your sexual desire? Just hang around with a bunch of friends. You will soon feel the urge, simply because of your sense of sexual competition!

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