Is TV killing your sex life?

While it is easy to slip into boxers and watch your favourite show, you may take a while to realise that TV may be ruining your sex life…


After a tiring day at work, there’s nothing like taking a shower, slipping into your boxers, serving the dinner and straight away getting into the bed to watch TV. This sounds like a perfect plan if you are single. But, if your partner is there in the room, watching your favourite hotties on TV over your lover may not be a good idea. Moreover, it is far more exciting to get the real in-between-sheets action than to even watch it on TV.

The worst thing is that you don’t even come to realise that your favourite flickering TV is actually hampering your sex life and making your relationship dull and unexciting. According to a recent study, couples who have a TV set in their bedroom have sex half the number of times than those who don’t. So, clearly, even if it is fashionable to have a TV in bedroom, it has its downside, too, which can risk some important things in your life.

I have met real life couples who would rather watch their favourite movie channel or soaps on TV everyday than have sex. It is much comfortable to get on with your favourite show while you lie half-awake in your bed than to trudge all the way to the living room to watch it. But there is a problem here. A lot of times it happens than your choice of programmes doesn’t match with your partner’s and while you are ready to snuggle up after watching your show, your partner would have waited all this while to get the remote under control. Then, it is his turn to be glued to the TV. So practically, you aren’t left with anytime to make out.

You may think that all it takes to get back to your steamy sex life and keep the action happening is to switch off the TV when you are in the mood, it may not be that easy. Firstly, if you have got addicted to watching anything in particular, then it is quite hard to stop yourself from not turning on the TV for it. And when you have watched your think and all that while your partner was either feeling left out or was forced into doing some work, either or both of you would have lost that zing to get cosy. Secondly, if you happen to be watching a romantic film with some hot scenes, it may ignite the spark in you to get on with the action yourselves. But if you are watching those god forbidden soaps or a football or a cricket match, then god help you all.

It may not be the easiest thing to throw the TV out of your bedroom and place it in a common area like a living room, but if you want to spice up things with your partner, you don’t any other choice. No matter how much you promise yourself that you will cut down on the viewing hours, it will still have an adverse effect on your sex life. It is important to realise that watching TV like alcohol increases the desire but takes away the action. Moreover, it is a fact that if you want a good sex life with your partner, with whom you either happen to be living or meet quite often, you need to de-clutter your bedroom of things which may divert your attention.  

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