Girls’ Thoughts On Sex Are Important, But Guys’ Thoughts? Who Cares!



Oh no, am not talking about the act, but the gender!

Didn’t get it? I mean gender as in male or female!

Yeah, the world is always fair to the fairer sex when it comes to the topic of sex! No doubt, women have been used and exploited as objects of sex and for that, as a man, my head will always hang in shame, but times are changing now and the evolving women of our world are beginning to have a major say in their bedrooms!

And they are voicing their opinions, their tastes, their likings and disliking etc. quite openly and on every possible forum!

Don’t believe me?

Check out girls thoughts on sex in various publications, on websites, at chat shows on TV, and on social media and every possible media outlet that cares to listen (and trust me, there are millions of such platforms eager to listen to them!!) and you’ll find that they lap up every thought or maybe even a giggle about sex as long as it comes from a girl!

What kind of a man you like in bed? What is the size you prefer in your man? How do you want your man to love you in bed? The list of such questions goes longer than the distance between our earth and the sun four times over! No offence to ladies, but they also happily share their views! They should actually, ours is a democratic country! Every opinion matters!

My question is why are men just branded sex-freaks, despos, sex-obsessed etc. without listening to their side of the story? Does anyone care to listen about what kind of girls men want? What kind of sexual partner men are looking for? What brings them happiness and satisfaction in bed? Mind you, this kind of list will also be long enough to compete with the list for women!!

But no, there isn’t such a craze to understand man’s views or opinions about sex! We are just considered to be getting it all anyways and bunk hum theories keep coming up with weird statistics that men think about sex every 7 seconds! Like what the hell? Be reasonable, 7 seconds is way too much, make it at least 9 or 10 seconds? We also feel hungry, sleepy, tired etc. and are not horny 24X7! Damn it, we work also! No, don’t let your imagination fly again that the only work we know is in a bed! But if you thought so, great! At least for a change you might agree that men do some great wonders in bed and are not to be blamed for women being unsatisfied in their sexual encounters! Okay, well some men might fail you, but not all of them!

Well, to cut it short, it is high time that when it comes to women equality and hearing their voice about everything, including sex, men should also be given the same opportunity to voice their opinions about their favourite topic, sex!

Then we’ll see who is naughtier and who has a bigger sex appeal and who makes whom happy!

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