Snakes May Stay Home With You, Find Them Out!

Scarlet snake-stay-home

Homes are places for people to stay home but in several urban and rural areas have snakes that stay along with them. Land spaces with large areas covered with plants and vegetable gardens are prone to snake existence. If you peep into the ponds with natural habitats then you will be able to find the small snakes swimming in water. They are the non-venous snakes, found in water known as Dhodia snakes that are seen in freshwater and lakes.

rescuingsnake-stay home
Village people may or may not find them but they are present unless the water dries up in summer. Apart from the pond water snakes few of the other snakes are:

In the district of Sholapur, Maharashtra in the rural area it the Cobra, is seen moving freely from one place to another. The villagers believe that the Nag or Cobra in the form of Lord Shiva, who exists in the Shetpal. It is unbelievable that each house has one and they are worshiped everyday early morning.

Cobras are venous snakes but it is exceptional that they are treated as pets in the houses of the villagers. It is one of the strangest but real and inspiring stories that point out the connection between Lord Shiva and the snake.

brown snake-stay home

Brown house snake
Another non-venous reptilium that is found in Africa, brown with stripes varying from brown to green body color. So almost all houses in the village corners of South Africa have one, but it is not for any worship but rodents are the food of the snakes. Mice and rats are the two food requirements of the Brown house snakes.
It breeds all over the world as classy or royal pets stay home, it is one of the popular breeding that is trading for its friendly and calm nature.

racer stay home
The harmless and non-venous snake that is found on the Galapagos island, all three species are seen in the islands. The snakes are seen moving in the village, and as it is non-poisonous humans are not afraid. They are seen moving openly among the humans in the day time, .
Racers are also seen in Southwest Asia known as rat snake while blue colored with beautiful attractive scales are found in North America.

Scarlet snake
Another name of the snake is known as a Coral snake, it is of the wonderful attractive red color of the scales with white strips on the body with touches of black. It is found in the coastal continents of the southern US and throughout Florida. Found in the areas of the gardens, this non-venous snake feeds on insects and eggs.
Popular in the region of the US for its features of the coral stone the snakes move out and are protected species.

Non-venous or venous snakes stay home with humans, mostly are pets. They are fed similar to the pets and they fearlessly live in the company of humans. Different snakes with attractive body colors that influence and recalls the interest of people to keep them around.

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