Napolean Complex Theory That Still Persist to Its Existence

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Knowingly or unknowingly the theory of the Napolean complex still remains in different areas of the profession. The main objective is the sense of inferiority existing due to the low height. It was not so much in concern before Napolean ruled and started recruiting tall height people in his troop. This was based on the characteristics of dominance in which few believe that it is a truth. And few described it as a myth!

Observed in men, the characteristics are found to be variable between tall and low heightened men. It is also found that the low heights are less capable of attracting. Tall heights can provide a strong influence in their field of work. Though it is a myth in some cases but in criteria of sports such as running, high jumps the stretched long limbs are beneficial for jumping and running. But it is for both men and women that the taller are more capable.

Army forces or military forces and the other related sectors recruit men with certain physique requirements. Mostly the low height is not allowed unless from the privileged groups. According to the Napolean Complex theory, rigorous behavior is observed. The compensation of the low height is through weird and aggressive behavior. Flexibility lacks that makes them less attractive to the females.

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Superiority indulgences are related to the height, the taller the supreme gestures are expected that makes the low heightened to deal with complexities such as inferiority and aggression.

Napolean Bonaparte and his theory

The French Ruler Napolean Bonaparte was a great emperor but was just 5’-2” to 5′-6″tall approx. He is one of the historical military commanders who led his company ambitiously, and fearlessly. Napolean, an aggressive leader, whose victories in various battles have made history. The strategies that he implied was somehow because of his low confidence. The lack of confidence led to make him the aggressive leader of his time.

Hereby, men cannot control their behavior as they find it a disadvantage which the tall category men possess. The existence of the Napolean complex theory, similarly still persists in some men who are not aware of their control over emotions.

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Tall men are highly confident and flexible enough to avoid any kind of forceful action. Actually, it remains hidden within the personality itself that a person grows. But whenever the inferiority works around the mind it becomes difficult to be a concern and remove the unwanted forceful action specifically from the mind.

Somewhere, the practice of a short height to forcefully hold highly hanging objects discourages achieving something easily or comparison of height pushes them to the criteria. That they try to use the forces and pressurize being unaware of the results and the reason for his behavior.

Comparatively, the tall ones have ease to deal with all kinds of complexity, with less forcing attitudes. They can understand the problems and divert the way to deal for a better solution in their personal as well as work field.

Napolean complex theory was grabbed as a mythical story but somehow it exists in the modern world among mankind, though controversial.

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