Be Glad That One Of These Professions Is Not Your Job

No jobs are created equal; that is one harsh fact that humankind accepted long ago. Nonetheless, some jobs are such that can be classified only under weird because of the profile associated to them.

No jobs are created equal; that is one harsh fact that humankind accepted long ago.

Nonetheless, some professions are such that they can be classified only under weird because of the profile associated to them.

Mind you, these jobs are fancy in no way. Some of them even involve a great level of risk to the employees.

Here is the list of the weird and probably the worst jobs from around the world that you should be glad you are not a part of –


Prepping Animal Specimen for Schoolwork


Individuals working in this field have just one job – readying animal specimen that can be used for coursework. Imagine yourself stuck in a profession that requires you to handle dead things and your hand smelling of formaldehyde all day long. Moreover, the job does not pay well either.


Burning Medical Waste


If your personality resembles to the one of Freddy from School of Rock, who likes to burn stuff then this profession is ideal for you. Whatever medical waste – needles, chemicals, soiled bandages – that leaves the hospital is burned by the employee. Imagine the risk to health associated with being around so much medical waste in a given day.


Researching about Mosquitoes


This is not a fun job at all. The employees have to literally spend their days getting bit by this nasty insect. It is the only way to study their behaviour. West Nile virus, malaria, dengue and filariasis are just some of the many diseases to which these researchers get exposed while doing their job.


Testing Pet Food


Yes. Even we think of this job as absolutely gross. The tester is known to eat everything from chewy bones to liver mixture and treats that pets eat. 




No. We are not making this stuff up; an actual profession titled Gumologist exists. Do you know the amount of hard work it takes to create that perfect piece of chewing gum? The professionals here are responsible for the perfect delivery of taste, tartness and sweetness that go into creating gums. 


Determining the Sex of Chickens


When chickens are born, they cuddle and remain in a group. The job of the professional here is to separate the chickens based on their sex. What follows this process is even worse. The male chicks are sent for consumption, whereas the female chicks move on to the next levels as they are ideal for egg production.


Judging Odour


Personally, there is no respect for an odour judge in this profession. We often wonder what qualifications one needs to possess to qualify for a menial job as having to stick their nose in several people’s armpits…literally.


Eliminate Roadkill


Reckless motorists often kill an animal or two…or a few more and leave it there to die. It is the job of roadkill removal experts to get rid of these animals and make the roads clean again. Can you imagine how terrible some accidents are and some poor individuals have to clean up the mess that is not even theirs?


Sewer Diving


This is one job that is very popular in India and shameful, too. The individuals working here have to strip down to their underwear, enter a sewer and unclog human waste…by hand. Yes you read it right…by hand.


Ear Cleaning


Another job that probably exists only in India. The job description is nothing different than what the title conveys. The professional sits alongside the street waiting for customers who wish to get their ears cleaned of dust, wax and all other disgusting things that might fly in there.

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