These Future Career Options Will Make You Think That The Coming Generation Will Be Full Of Dumb Fucks!

Science has made unbelievable things possible. Some of the crazy careers options, jobs and professions of future which will leave you surprised.

Before 25 years, who would have envisioned the post of Social Media Manager, or Web Content Writer, or a Search Engine Optimization Specialist!

The science, making progress every moment, has made unbelievable things possible and will keep on doing so.

We have envisioned the some of the careers, jobs, and professions of future which will leave you surprised. 

Let’s have a look at what crazy career options we would be able to see in next 10 years.


This is basically a type of photographer who is expert in clicking selfies. People (read, idiots), particularly girls, call them, get the photo clicked in the form of selfie with pouty lips and erotic expression, upload on social media and brag about hiring the best SelfieGrapher.  

No qualification is required. If you are not good looking person, you can become a good SelfieGrapher because your inferiority complex helps you click better selfies and try to make somebody more beautiful. If you are obsessive about selfies, you have a better chance. And along with this if you have photography experience with a very good camera, you can be the best SelfieGrapher!


Hair Gel Engineer

Oh Boy, from where this Engineer got into this Hair & Gel! Honestly, these so called Hair Gel Engineers are used to be a dumb Barbers who have been kicked out from a Salon for messing up somebody’s hair while cutting them. 

Some of them just applied Gel to their friends’ hair on certain festival or occasion and fortunately, the hair style got famous amongst the people and the dumb barbers became Hair Gel Engineer!

Hair Gel Engineer generally advice you on different hair styles with different gel on different occasions.

How to become Hair Gel Engineer?

Very simple. A dumb barber kicked out from Salon can become a great Hair Gel Engineer! Weird and Crazy get more fame.



Love Consultant

First, these Love Consultants gather the information about you from inside out and vice versa. Based on analysis, they advice you what kind of partner will be emotionally (you can read sexually!) suitable to you! They upload your profile on hundreds of dating and matrimonial online portals and send them to match makers. They select partner for you, set up a meeting, advice on all the ‘HowTo…’

They charge on every hook-up.

It’s very easy to get into this career.

Those can become love consultants, who are handsome and beautiful, who never found a partner in life, who can talk like philosopher, and who have been dumped innumerable times by innumerable partners due to idiotic behaviour and silly approach to girls.

Initially, the experiences need to be tried on friends. If you succeed, you can go professional.



Career Administrator

Career Administrator manages your complete career from job selection to change of job.

Based on your education and your interest, they advice you the job that is suitable to you. They apply to hundreds of places on behalf of you, setup an interview, negotiate the salary if selected, and at the end try to get you best suitable career. They have complete control over your career.

How can one become Career Administrators?

For years and years, who have remained jobless! Who kept on applying on hundreds of online job portals. Who got lots of calls but never got through interview. After years and years of unemployment, who analysed themselves and found that they have great knowledge but they couldn’t apply it on themselves. And they decide to apply their knowledge on somebody else and make money.

That’s all… If your case is the same, you also can start to sell the knowledge that they couldn’t use for yourself and become somebody else’s Career Administrator!



Real Time Astrologer

These real time astrologers work round the clock; say 24/7/365. They don’t have any office, they are totally mobile. They always carry one Smartphone and one iPad. They talk on Smartphone and answer your question by pulling your record on iPad. If someone asks:-“I am going to meeting for important deal. What will happen?” He immediately answers:-”Start meeting after 6:37, you will get the contract.”

Obviously, to become real time astrologer, you should have little knowledge of astrology and skill of answering instantly and confidently. 

In future, people won’t like to use their head. They will need help every moment, every step, and in every sphere of life. This career has a bright future for the people who are Jack of all and master of none!



Sex Advisor

 Their consultation business is totally on smartphone. They are generally busy all the time. But, from evening till midnight, they are super busy.

At 10 pm people call them and ask: “At the moment, I am really tired, how can I satisfy my wife?” And his answer would be so weird which I can’t write here.

People also ask: – “I never dated before. Now I am with the girl. How to start something that ends with sex… ”

He will answer this question for advance payment of Rs. 2000/- by credit card. 

Most of the sex advisors are womanizers. You surely should have lots of experience in sleeping with innumerable women. Many of them are sexologist with master degrees.    

Yes, if you meet with all above criteria, you can become successful Sex Advisor. The degree will be a big plus.


Spending Consultant

The only skill required is Kanjoosi!

They are always equipped with latest financial information and possible expected expenses of their clients.

When people call and ask: – “I want to buy iPhone 6. Can I?”

Looking at the laptop screen, consultant says: – “No, not as of now… you can call me next month. I may allow you.”

Most of them are commerce graduates, who couldn’t make fortune in their jobs, are now having their own offices and people working for them.

If you have only commerce degree, knack to talk to people, and little patience, this profession is a perfect career option.



Tradition Specialist

Indian people believe in cultural traditions and will always, no matter where digital age takes them.

But with the digital time, knowledge of tradition and rituals in youth is ignored and becoming less significant.

And that’s the reason, Tradition Specialists will mushroom. Basically, today’s pundits’ children are tomorrow’s Tradition Specialist.

They tell you how to perform Puja, how to do Satryanarayan Katha, what to wear on Navratri, how to offer Shraaddh, how to behave at marriage rituals etc.

No degree is required. If you have lots of contacts, if you are passionate about traditions and rituals, this is one of the best home based professions for you. You can do this as a part time while doing your full time job.


If you can envision any interesting and weird career or a job that is possible in future, let us know in comment box.

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