What Kind of A Boss Will You Be As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Bosses keep their employees on their toes and then adulate them with the random parties at the office. Every boss is a bittersweet symphony from whom we learn many things. After all, they are the front runners of the project that we work on. Hence, he makes sure that everything is in right order. Boss would sit down and get chatty with their employees about the progress of the business to get into the bottom of things. Then again, there are many kinds of bosses in the world such as the ones who want to be your friend, who are kind, who hate you for no reason, who can never have enough of your skills, ho keep their distance and many more. If we judge you on the merits of your zodiacal qualities, here’s how you will behave as a boss:


You are just driven towards making your workplace better and you will be a good mentor who gives a lot of work to people. You will also scold them in their wrong approach.


You will have a stickler for management. You will process things in a said manner for the overall benefit. However, you will be very hard working and make sure your employees are too.


You will be such a micro-manager and all over the place that will drive your employees crazy. You are pro at multitasking so would ask the same off your employees. You are manipulative so will keep them on their toes by brainwashing them.


There will not be any more kinder boss than Cancer. You will seek loyal employees who are loyal towards their work too. But the, you should not become insecure and trust your team.


Life is a party with a Leo boss. You will take your employees to drinks and cocktail parties to pamper them to bits. Yet, you will churn out the best performance from them by hook or crook.


You are love quality over quantity and dedicatedly love excellence. You are a perfectionist which will elevate mental assault to your employees sometimes.


You love those who go by your guidelines. You are a balance between being too generous and too lethal. You think you can never be wrong which infuriates your employees.


You will always be pretty intimidating as a boss and will have trust issues also. You have certain negativities that extend to your employees so probably you should act as a team player rather than donning the boss’s hat. It’s okay to be control-freak but not okay to insult others.


Your work too is an adventurous quest for you. You are always in the lookout for something new and when you grab a new project, you are just over the moon. But the major drawback is, you look at your employees as slaves.


You are the mom, dad, friend rolled into one to your employees. You are business minded and hardworking. An workaholic Capricorn can be a very good mentor to their employees.


Eclectic as you are, you will manage a team very quietly without making a lot of fuss. You will be the most favorite in office as for being a fun boss. Also, you will have a good networking skills that your employees should learn from you.


You hate being a boss and overly apologetic when you ask someone to do something for you. But, dear Pisces, your over concerned nature can let people take advantage of you. Don’t be way too liberal, just draw line in the sand.

So, now you know how will you be as a boss, tada!


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