What Bhrahmapurana Tells About World’s Geography

Brahma Purana is named after the creator Brahma and it is the first series of Hindu texts known collectively as Puranas. It is also said that lord Brahma is the creator of the Puranas but there is hardly any mention about the same anywhere. It is also believed by some people that Brahma purana was narrated and Lord Brahma is the narrator of the text. There is also a reference in the ancient texts that Brahma Purana is the ‘Adi’ or ‘Ancient purana which elevates its status. There are 18 major puranas in the whole bunch. However, Brahma Purana has gone through some modifications and it is certainly not somethin it reads today. There will be many different versions of this text that you find containing substantial evidences.

Here are the names of the 18 major Puranas:

  1. The Brahma
  2. Brahmanda
  3. Brahmavaivarta
  4. Markandeya
  5. Vamana
  6. Vishnu
  7. Bhagavata
  8. Naradiya
  9. Gaduda
  10. Padma
  11. Varaha
  12. Shiva
  13. Linga
  14. Skanda
  15. Agni
  16. Vayu
  17. Matsya
  18. Kurma

What is world’s geography as per the Brahmapurana?

Brahmapurana talks about World’s geography which is divided in seven regions. There are counts of the solar and lunar dynasties. The ancient sages asked Romaharshana to depict about Brahmapurana to which he replied- The Earth is divided in seven regions and their names are Jambudvipa, Plakshadvipa, Shalmaladvipa, Kushadvipa, Krounchadvipa, Shakadvipa and Pushkaradvipa. These regions are surrounded by seven rivers whose names are- Lavana, Ikshu, Sura, Sarpi, Dadhi, Dugdha and Jala.

Jambudvipa is located at the center and is surrounded by Mount Sumeru. Towards the south of Mount Sumeru, there are mountains like Himavana, Hemakuta, Nishadha, and towards the north of the same, there are mountains like Nila, Sveta and Sringi. Towards the east of Sumeru, there are mountains named as Bhadrashvarsha and Ketumalavarsha. Harivarsha is located towards the south and Ramyakavarsha towards the north. More further in the north, there are Hiranmayavarsha and Uttarakuruvarsha.

On the peak of Sumeru, there is Brahma’s city from where the river Ganga descends from the heaven and is split into four. The other tributaries flow in many directions such as Sita, that flows eastwards, Chakshu flows westwards, Bhadra flows northwards and Alakananda flows southwards.

It is also said that below the earth, there lie seven regions of underworld whose names are atala, vitala, nitala, sutala, talatala, rasatala and patala. It is mentioned in the Brahmapurana that the Daitvas, Danavas and the snakes live there. Contrary to popular belief, it is mentioned in the Brahmapurana is that the Patala is a rather wonderful place which is full of jewels. Although the Sun rises there, it doesn’t radiate much heat. The Moon also rises there but the effects in the weather is not as chilly. It is believed that below the Earth, there lives a snake Sesha or Ananta which has a thousand hoods, covered with jewels. This snake is Vishnu in one of his various forms.

The other part of the world is Naraka which is possessed by Yama, the god of death. This world is a dwelling place of the sinners and is full of weapons, fire and poisons.

Here was a brief excerpt of what was depicted in Brahmapurana about the World’s geography.


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