The Spirituality of Sun Dance by Native Americans

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Comparing the present Sun Dance to the older form has changed. It was a ban on sundance due to bloodshed offerings to satisfy the God of Nature. This is one of the oldest traditions that are performed by the Native Americans. Mostly the people of Canada to edging corners of North America perform the rituals. For the tribes of North Americans from the different parts of villages and outskirts, the sundance is a ceremony to celebrate.

Drums and music by Native Americans

Present performances of the ritual are with drums and music. The festival continues through the day from the afternoon pushing to the night. Normally young generation participates who are energetic to continue beating drums and playing ceremonial pipes.

In a world with digital exposures through videos and pictures the capturing of the ceremony is restricted.

Dance and other activities

Mostly tribes from Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, and Cheyenne perform the rituals with personal offerings. The dancers and participants fast for days as a part of the rituals. They have to stay in the open air without any shade from nature; it may be the severe sun or heavy rainfall. The dancers then pray in the form of dance to satisfy the Nature God.

Native American’s old people or elders know about the rituals that guide them leaders and the groups taking part in the celebration of sundance. Activities such as feasts, open-air camps, and also piercings are some of the common activities of the ceremony.


The rituals have been continuing for generations after generations. Rituals include sacrifices, sacred fire burning throughout the ceremony till the fasting. Earlier offerings were fleshed and blood to satisfy and heal Nature.

This was a way to calm down the severity of nature that will bring prosperity and growth to their people. Both for the earth and sun, the offerings are arranged to keep showering their blessings on them.

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Ban of Sun Dance

The sundance is banned in the US, it is restricted to only the tribal people. With the influence of modern times, there are changes to the offerings by Native Americans. People are now less confined to bloodshed and flesh to satisfy mother earth and the Sun.

The banning of the ceremony was in 1904 but still, the Native American tribes continue with their beliefs even after decades. The participants were tortured as their fleshes were torn pulling and hanging them from the poles. Apart from it, the piercings were on the breasts and other body parts that were inhumane with severe bloodsheds. The entire process was after they were fasting for days and dancing the whole day.

Apart from it animal skulls such as buffaloes and eagles are necessary to complete the rituals and offerings. The tribals are also great buffalo hunters as described in the history of their lifestyles. Hereby, sundance is still the main part of the tribals of North America but many do not participate in sundance due to the inhuman involvement and offerings to God which is also unrealistic.

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