Spirituality Helps In Transformation Of Negative Traits

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Religion and spirituality are often confused being unaware of the difference between them both. Earlier people had to depend on religion to understand spirituality. There was a time when spirituality was not differentiated from religion. It was essential to remove the negative traits. In the form of religion, various thoughts and facts about spiritual verses were explained to people and followers.

The aim of the use of religion was for the transformation of negative traits and toxicity among the people. Direct preaching of spirituality was neither acceptable nor possible as followers of religion were able to realize nothing except the verses or verdicts of God.  It was a way to reduce the negative traits.

negative traits 4

Spread of Spirituality for the transformation of Negative traits

The main reason for aiming to spread the thoughts of spirituality is to increase the confidence in the community. Due to poverty and lack of information people or followers the rise of hatred and weakness was increasing. It is a  sign of damage to society, and community. The decline in overall growth can be due to toxicity in the environment. Led to poverty, inhumanity, crime, and injustice when there was a rising threat to the community the only way to get back to the world was through spiritual preaching.

Preaching and support of famous priests and saints over each century had given strength to mankind. Helping to reduce the negative traits in the people and develop the hopes and signs of positive thoughts. It is the reason the importance of spirituality has been differentiated from religion. People who do not want to believe in religion have a strong belief in spiritual living.

Changing and advantage in mankind

In modern days, the changes in mankind have given opportunities to develop the best qualities in living. The way of living includes food habits, thoughts towards health, and society. Apart from its aggression, ill manners, and health issues related to physical and mental are controlled by the regular practice of the spirituals. Meditations, Yoga is part that helps in the improvement of human health.

The advantages of spirituality are also observed in developing societies. Reducing negative traits of ill manners, jealousy, and hatred people can improve their lifestyle. There is a widespread of humanity in which people have the tendency to help others. Ill-mannered, angry, and disrespectful are some of the negative traits that are reduced. Respecting each other, and giving value to the people feeling and thoughts are also some of the positive behaviors that are helping society and communities to grow.

Transformation of the Negative traits has been possible over years due to the influence of spirituality. For hundreds of years, the religion was able to give life to its followers and devotees with its support. It is enabling people to understand the flaws and bad traits and improve according. It can be through the living style or any reading of spiritual books. In one way or another transformation in a person enables to change others leading to transform the entire society.

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