12 Signs That Prove You Are A Hardcore Scorpion


The 8th Sign of the Zodiac, the Scorpio is a mystery in itself, an unsolved puzzle, they are quite the contradicting species and maybe that’s what makes them absolutely unpredictable!

Scorpions are proud and a very egocentric creature, but they deserve it well and carry it on their person like a second skin. They will convince you that they definitely deserve all that attention and pampering!

Its a fact that there are very less people a scorpion can actually, in reality gel well with, there are some they cant resist, absolutely at all costs. But it always differs from a person to another as all individuals on the face of this earth are different and unique from one another, so its safe to say that most hardcore of scorpions possess these very eccentric characteristics within them!

1) They are unbiased and have a no bullshit attitude!

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