Religious Places of India with Interesting Historical Facts

varanasi temples-religious-places

Religious places of India have been famous for different and interesting facts, you can find thousands and millions of pilgrims and visitors visiting the sacred places due to their strong and defined belief in God. The temples are ancient creations for the lords that are present in different parts of India, few of the well-known places with historical facts are as follows:

Sabarimala temple

Last few years this temple is under great controversial status after women between certain ages, 10 to 50 years were restricted from entering the Sabarimala temple. This is one of the famous religious places in India. It is located in the western Ghats of Kerala and thousands of pilgrims visit this place walking through the forests to reach the entrance of the temple.

Historical fact: Mahishi the demoness was killed by Ayyapan, who is the Hindu God, son of Harihara, and finally sat for meditation that is known as the Sabarimala temple.

Murugan temple

The temple is located in Tamil Nadu, at the foothills of Palani, this Hindu temple has been dedicated to the son of lord shiva, one temple in India that is popular for the Kartikeya. The idol is dedicated to the grown-up form of Kartikeya, from his childhood.
Historical fact: this temple is known for the six addresses of Lord Kartikeya who is known as Murugan. Kartikeya is not worshipped all over India but it is popular in Tamil Nadu and one time it is worshipped by the Bengali married women during the month of Kartik, Bengali calendar.

Jagannath temple

Jagganath temple is one of the famous sacred temples in India located in Puri, Orissa. Thousands of visitors and pilgrims visit the temple that is known as the Char Dham. This means you complete the pilgrimage religious sites and free from the sins.
Historical fact: Place of lord Jagannath, only a large temple and one of the sacred places of the Hindu pilgrimages. Idol was made by King Indradyuma after seeing Lord in his dreams.

Dwarkadhish temple

In Mahabharata, you will hear about the Dwarkadhish temple which is several years old located in Gujarat in Dwarka city. In mythological stories, it is mentioned about the Dwarka and most of us are familiar with the story. The temple is as huge as 5 storied.
Historical fact: It is one of the historical temples as religious places, Dwarka city is considered as one of the sacred pilgrimage cities.


Place and home of Lord Shiva situated at the bank of Mandakini river, that is open between April to November. The temples are located between the beautiful atmosphere and are one of the ancient pilgrimage places in India.

Historical fact: The religious place in India was developed by the Pandavas which is the home of Lord Shiva, Kedar is another name of Lord Shiva.

varanasi temples-religious-places

Varanasi temples

An ancient and religious city with the river Ganges flowing nearby the ghats of the temples. Many popular temples are present at the ghats, where you can enjoy the morning sunrise and the evening sunset with the beautiful mantras, chants along with aarti.

Historical fact: It is one of the religious places where you can find the wonderful connection between Lord Shiva and Ganga. Ganga is believed to flow from the hair of Lord Shiva flowing from the Himalayas, worshipped as the devotees of Vishwanath.

Interesting historical facts has given priority and popularity to the religious places which are also considered as the heritage of India.

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