Did you know that 108 Is Sacred Number In Hinduism?

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In Hinduism, it is observed that the sacred number is considered as 108. According to the Vedas, the entire existence of the universe is connected almost to the distance. You will find the beads present in a Rudraksha has total the same numbers of beads. So, when a complete meditation according to yoga is after completing the counting of the beads to 108. Both Yoga and Vedas mention the holiness that is present within the number.

An elaborate description of the sacred number…..

  • “Nadi” is the term that is used in Ayurvedic medicine, in which spiritual flow, physical flow, and the soul of a body are described with the 108 connection to flow. The energy flow throughout the body with the sacred number which connects the three main chakras through the energy channels.
  • Did you ever check into the features of Upanishads? The Veda was composed after the great epic Mahabharata. Written by Veda Vyas, It is also known as the base of Hinduism that has been divided into 108 parts. Not only that the indication of the holiness is explained but also the total number of Puranas is 108.sacred number
  • We all know about the importance of acupuncture that mentions the 108 points which are similar to the world’s ancient medicinal treatment of Ayurveda. Completeness is observed in the number that helps in healing the diseases. Inspired by the ancient medicines the sacred number has been initiated in treating many diseases when modern medicine was not around.

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  • Krishna has a total of 108 names, which itself indicates the importance of the sacred number in Hinduism. The Lord of Kalyuga, with incarnation to different forms, he is the Avatar of Vishnu and was born to different families.
  • In the yoga poses a complete set of Sun salutation or Surya Namaskara has a set of movements of the sacred number. When elaborating on Vinyasa, it is completed with postures and stretches which are differentiated into Astanga Vinyasa and Power Yoga. Another ancient form of meditation which helps in developing a healthy body to proper breathing.
  • Vishnu temples in India are found to be built in the holy number of Hinduism. In the works of Alvars, the name of the temples is present which is known as Divya Desam. It means the place of the lord, Vishnu. Three temples, belonging to the holy number is outside India, and 105 are established in India.

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  • After Vishnu, when the mythology speaks about Lord Shiva when looking in the 54 letters of Sanskrit. The alphabets describe the Shiva-Shakti in two genders that totals up to 108.
  • To complete 108 Lotus; Lord Rama had given one of his eyes to complete the sacred number which was necessary for the rituals and prayers offered to Goddess Durga. Even today the Durga Puja needs 108 items each as offerings for the puja Known as “Ram’s Akalbodhan”.

In the Hindu religion, the contribution of the sacred number 108 has been established in Vedas and mythology. The importance and necessity still exist in the calendar and activities of Hinduism.

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