Is first impression the best impression?

If first impression is the best impression. Here are some ways to make a great first impression. Read on!

If we were to ask this question, the answer would be a clear yes. First impressions are very important as they tell people if they would like to continue interacting with you or not. The phrase ‘nice to meet you’ is quite true in this context. Today we tell you how you can create the perfect first impression. Read on!

Smile and nod:
When you meet somebody for the first time, smile a lot and nod to their questions and comments. It’ll make them feel comfortable and you’ll come across as an easy going person!

Don’t show off:
You could be better than the person in every frigging way, but that doesn’t mean that you show off. Keep your emotions in check and let the person feel comfortable with you. Show offs never cut it with the crowd, remember that!

No touching:
If it’s the first time you’re meeting somebody, stay clear of touching them in any way. Not everybody is fond of back-slapping and ‘touchy’ fun. They might brand you as a creep, so avoid such things.

Involve them:
They will remember you for a long time if you make then feel ‘at home’. If he/she has joined your group, make sure you involve her/him in conversations and interactions. Ask for his/her opinions, choices and comments. Nobody wants to come across as fool.

Be charming:
Charm may be something you’re born with, but you can develop it too! Be witty, funny and cool so that you leave a great first impression on people. The thumb rule is to be humorous and smart!

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