Why This Video Showing The True Face Of Donald Trump Hasn’t Gone Viral Yet?

arrogant Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not a man we can either admire or even like for a bit and he has proved us right time and again.

Be it his sexist remarks, stupid statements, racist decisions or his existence in total, nothing has ever made a good impression on us. He is definitely one of the worst leaders that we have ever seen and that’s why only 42% of Americans favour their current president.

He is also famous for his rude behaviour and his arrogance which keeps coming in front of people – thanks to the media.

But don’t think that media always tells you what needs to be told and sometimes, they hide a lot from you.

In fact, they present to you whatever is obvious and they never tell you what needs to be told.

Recently, a similar incident came in front of us that didn’t just leave us shocked, but also wondering what media actually reports and why doesn’t it report such stuff as widely.

Here, in the video, president Donald Trump is holding a press conference, where a reporter who is an immigrant too, stands up to ask him a question. He starts asking him about his plans for stopping the immigrants by creating a wall and how he will kick out all immigrants from America.

Arrogant Donald Trump interrupted in between and signalled his guards to throw the reporter out of the conference room.

The journalist kept shouting his question but he ignore him just the way he does to everyone else.

He even added that the journalist was being rude to him and there was no other option. However, arrogant Donald Trump did let him in again and answered his questions by arguing and pointing on senseless things.

If you want to see how rude and arrogant Donald Trump could be, have a look at the video and decide!

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