These 10 Sportspeople Are So Fit That You Would Want To Be In Their Shoes

What it takes to be fit these days? A couple of sessions in your local gym, a healthy breakfast or a jog in the nearby park with your friend.

What it takes to be fit these days?

A couple of sessions in your local gym, a healthy breakfast or a jog in the nearby park with your friend; these days people will go to the extreme to get into shape or have the coolest body in town. But does one realise what are sportspersons are upto when it comes to be fit?

Spending hours on the field or tracks, these below mentioned sports personalities have what it takes to be termed as ‘fit’. Their skill, agility to recover, quick reflexes are one of the many characteristics that separate them from the rest. So who are these Sports people ? Check them out:

Michael Phelps


Winner of 22 Olympic gold medals, USA swimmer Michael Phelps fits into our just because of his power and energy that drives him during swimming. Even though he called it a day, Phelps made a comeback into swimming this year and that goes to show the commitment and energy within the individual.

Roger Federer


He may be 32 but ‘Swiss Ace’ Roger Federer remains one of the top players on the tennis court. Long hours of serves and forehands, ‘Fedex’ shows no signs of weariness and that’s what makes him one of the numero uno player in the world of tennis.

MS Dhoni


Oh boy! He is India’s fittest sportspersons alright! MS Dhoni is known to be one of the quickest runners between the wickets and has a great reflex action which helps him behind the wickets. The secret? Well, in an interview with an English daily Dhoni said that ‘badminton’ was the main reason behind his sole fitness. It helps him to keep fit and improve eyesight.

Danica Patrick


American-born Danica Patrick might not be a ‘known identity’ in the East but her services in the NASCAR and the IndyCar series are surely well renowned. It takes ‘guts’ to drive and most importantly against the group of men, and Danica has proven both on the race track.

Cristiano Ronaldo


One of the proven football stars in the world today, Cristiano Ronaldo might have had a disaster FIFA World Cup in Brazil but that does not take the sheen away from his glorious achievements at Real Madrid. His speed, agility, attacking prowess are one of the characteristics that distinguishes him amongst the rest of the stars.

Serena Williams


Currently sitting atop of the Women’s tennis rankings, Serena Williams is always proved a tough competitor. That’s because the American-born remains in top shape and has one of the most fittest and athletic bodies on the tennis court. If you cannot believe us, grab a magazine of ‘Sports Illustrated’.

Stephanie Rice


At 26, Stephanie Rice is one of the sexiest sports star in the world today. An Olympic gold medal winner in swimming, Rice has one of the ‘perfect bodies’ in sports today that would make your girlfriend go mad!

Usain Bolt


Ah, where would this list be without having the name of ‘the fastest man in the world’ in it? Jamaican Usain Bolt near perfect fitness regime might just be the reason behind his success on the tracks.

Dale Steyn


‘Fastest bowler in the world’ tag is no joke for Dale Steyn as to when he bowls; it feels like missiles are being thrown at. The South African speedster’s agility on the field and the ability to bowl fast scares off even the best of the best!

Rafael Nadal

The French Open champion, Rafael Nadal has to be one of the fittest and strongest athlete in the world of sports. The 14-time Grand Slam winner has the opponent sweating over his powerful backhands and forehands.

The above lists of men and women sportstars are duly qualified to be the fittest of all, so when are YOU going to be? Do let us know

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