12 People Reveal The Worst Drunk Text They’ve Ever Sent & It’s A Nightmare You Wouldn’t Want To Experience!

Worst Drunk Texts – Some people do crazy things when they’re drunk only to regret it later. Many people spill beans about their marriage or secrets that they never wanted to share. The worst is sending messages to people who you would’ve never sent IF you would’ve been sober. Have you ever experienced doing something like this? IF not, then it’s certainly good for you. But we cannot ignore the fact, that many people around living in the world’s corner have done this thing.

Redditors shared their “worst drunk text that I regret sending” stories and damn, it’s really a nightmare that you wouldn’t ever want to experience.

Here we go –

Worst Drunk Texts: 

  1. I sent a gif of some naked Transwoman brushing her teeth to this girl I had a crush on. I captioned it “this made me think of you.” I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out why.
  2. I sent a three page block of text “poem” in badly translated French that I had written to a girl that so obviously wasn’t interested in me that it pains me to this day. I thought I was being suave, mysterious, and awesome. Instead, I was being desperate, clingy, and weird.
  3. “My dad’s totally gonna know I’m drunk and high” sent text to my dad… He responded, “I do now, you dumb ass.”
  4. I accidentally texted my boyfriend’s brother that I loved him. He said, “Wrong one,” so I’m hoping he understood, but it still makes me cringe.
  5. Oh God. My fb account has been deactivated for some time, but I have a history of logging back in and messaging old friends under the influence of booze. A few months ago, after one too many shots of Captain Morgan, I decide to log on and look up a very attractive teacher from my old high school. I thought it would be hilarious to message this teacher (who wasn’t even on my friends list)”hey wan sum ****?”. Deactivated my FB the next morning and never plan on going on again.
  6. I was drunk at my friend’s house party. I found a phone on the floor, and decided to take a pic of my **** and send it to the person’s mother. Next day, when i sobered up, My mom asked me “why did you send me a picture of your ****?”
  7. Drunk sexted a girl, sent it to my dad by accident.
  8. Sent an “I love you” text to the wrong person.. To my ex-bf. He was trying to win me back at that time and when I told him the truth the next day, he was heartbroken and all. Felt so shitty!
  9. To my dad, who is an ex alcoholic and had just recently purchased his first home since divorcing my mom almost 10 years ago: “daddy you disappointed the family :(” I’m an asshole… there were no words to describe how I felt in the morning.
  10. “I love you” still makes me cringe.
  11. Asked mom if she wanted the Police or Nurse lingerie instead of sending the text to SO. You can imagine how that went.
  12. I love you”. Sent to a girl I liked but didn’t love. One of the worst things I’ve ever done. Luckily drunk me hasn’t done it again.

Worst Drunk Texts : Do have any stories to add in this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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