Self-Defence Techniques For Women Who Work Late

Self-defence techniques for women

The world has never been fair to women.

In India itself, on one hand, a woman is idolised as a goddess and on the other hand women are a victim of sexual violence.

But being a woman, you have to learn some self-defence strategies so that even if you work late, you do not have to be anxious and you can fend off potential attackers all by yourself.

So today we are going to talk about Self-Defence Techniques For Women.

5 Self-defence techniques for women really work –

1 – Make ample use of your senses-

This is because of the fact that even attackers tend to find an easy target who will not fight hard. So you have to be the fighter in appearance and keep a good posture with your head held high so that you do not look like a vulnerable lady. Also, avoid using earphones so that you are aware of even the slightest irregular sound. The sooner you can react, the better it will be.

2 – Dress comfortably-

If you have the schedule to work late, then make sure that you are wearing the kind of dress that can give you full mobility. This is because of the fact that dresses that will restrict your movement will not allow you to flee. So instead of wearing heels and skirts, wear jeans and flats that will help you to escape real good if you are in a situation where it cannot be handled easily.

3 – Try to stay as visible as possible-

This is because of the fact that the more visible you will be, the less chance is there for you to get attacked. So choose a route of getting home that is bustling with transports and people even in the late hours so that you do not have to feel alone and vulnerable.

4 – Have a safety toolkit-

In your handbag, the main things that you need to have is a pepper spray as well as a sharp object. This is because of the fact that if the attack is sudden then by harming the attackers with these objects will lend you time to get away.

5 – Learn basic defence steps-

Why do you always have to flee when you can fight back? If there is a single attacker, and you know a few steps to fight back, do not hesitate to use it with full gusto, and then watch how he flees.

These are self-defence techniques for women who work late – In a nutshell, if you are smart enough to follow the above-mentioned steps, then you are definitely going to have a safe gateway when you return from work.

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