7 Personality Traits that Make the Perfect Guy

personality traits of perfect guy

Personality traits of perfect guy – No human being is perfect.

However, the definition of perfection may vary from one person to another. A lot of girls wait for a long time before they start dating somebody as they wish to be careful and want to be with a guy who has all the qualities they seek to find in their dream partner. These girls grow up idolising fictional characters or famous celebrities and wish for their partner to have the same qualities as them.

When they stumble upon such a guy, they consider him to their ideal match.

Here are 7 personality traits of perfect guy.

Personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Chivalrous

The most important quality that girls look for and something a lot guys do not possess or need to work a lot on is chivalry. When you meet a girl, it is important to make her feel that you respect her. Things like opening the door of the car for her and pulling out a chair for her in the restaurant speak volumes about your character and establish the fact that you respect women and treat them with a lot of love and care.

personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Loyalty

In today’s day of modern technology and social media, it is very easy to find people to mingle with. It is a person’s basic nature that determines whether he is loyal r not.  You could be surrounded or meeting a hundred beautiful women but if your heart is pure, you will never cheat on the girl you are in a relationship with. Loyalty is usually the deal-breaker in a relationship.

personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Well-groomed

The first thing a girl notices about a guy is the way he looks and carries himself. Wearing clothes that suit your body type, trimming your hair and beard properly and having a good language – all these things add to your personality. You must make time to groom yourself well and should come across as a well-maintained person at all times. While looks are not the most important thing, they definitely help in registering a good first impression.

personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Ambitious

Girls tend to get attracted to guys who are serious about their careers. If you are driven about your career and have big professional goal in life, girls would assume you to be a focussed person and hence,would take you more seriously. Of course, they should not get the impression that you are so involved in your work that you will not give them any attention.

personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Has seen life

While somegirls date youngerguys, most of them get drawn to older guys, the ones who have seen more life than them and have far more vast experience about the world in general. Such guys inspire a sense of respect in girls because of the varied experiences they have had in their lives. Girls feel they can learn a lot by being in their company.

personality traits of perfect guy

  1. Protective

There is a very thin line between being protective and over-protective about someone. The guy should know where to draw the line and understand why it is important not to cross it. It is important to care for your partner and make them feel loved but you should not breach upon their personal space and restrict their freedom in any manner.

  1. Unconditional love

This is one thing every girl craves for. They want somebody to love them unconditionally despite all their flaws and blemishes. They look for a guy who will love them for what they are and would not ask them to change anything about them. This is supposed to be a basic trait and yet most people fail to deliver on this count. It is difficult to come across such people these days but if they find somebody like them, they will hold on to them forever.

personality traits of perfect guy

These are the personality traits of perfect guy – If you seek to woo a girl, do not try to be what you think is the definition of a perfect guy. Try to fit into her description of a perfect guy. While the idea of a perfect guy may vary from a girl to another girl, what remains constant is their desire to find some basic common traits in their ideal partner. Before you do anything else to impress her, imbibe these basic qualities first.

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