These Prisons That Are More Luxurious Than Our Homes !

Luxurious prisons

Luxurious prisons – Do you think that the life in prison is pathetic and pessimistic?

Well, it is high time you should change the perception. There are a handful of prisons which are so fancy that you won’t mind committing a crime to get into it.

Unbelievable, is it? Yes, indeed it is something very hard to believe, but there are actually jails that are better than five-star hotels and resorts. Have a quick look at Luxurious prisons.

Luxurious prisons –

1 – Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

From beauty salons to Karaoke and air-conditioners to health spa; you name the facility, and this jail offers you the same. The premises have lush green gardens, amazing landscapes, and cozy rooms. Sounds like a holiday resort, eh!

Luxurious prisons

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