He Sold His Kids For Liquor, Now This is What He Does!


Many a times we have heard the stories of the people who ruined their lives and families for the addiction of alcohol!

It is one such licenced intoxication, which is available widely, in many sizes, in many forms and in many prices too! Wine, beer and whisky for the rich.

Tharra, daroo, addha, paua for the poor, it is a vice for all!


Now this one man on the streets of Mumbai, caught our attention who has a sad, yet interesting experience to tell, which originated of his addiction of liquor.

This man, clad in saintly clothes, full grown beard (the look of a homeless beggar), says that he turned from a devil to a saint, due to this liquor only! He carefully carries a bucket all along, which is full of wine corks and beer bottle caps! Now ask us, whether Indian government has introduced a recycle scheme and is paying for those corks and bottle caps, which are nothing but debris?

No, it is not the case!

He said calmly, on being asked, that years ago, he had sold his kids for 2 bottles of liquor! Some real gruesome case of Child Trafficking here! That addicted he was to this devilish liquid! By the time he came back to senses, it was too late! And that was the time he came back to senses, once for all!

He then decided to take revenge on beer and wine bottles! Today, he buys a wine or beer bottle, every day, without fail, smashes it on the pavement, without tasting a single drop of those, collects the corks and bottle caps and keeps them to self as WINNING TROPHIES!

This is how he proves to himself that he is strong enough to stay committed to his self made promise to not to taste a single drop of alcohol ever again!


All that we are wondering now is, that any passersby who might be the onlookers to his crazy act, will they be getting any lesson, or inspiration, or encouragement of some similar doings?

Well, not to forget, Liquor Industry is one of the most important industries of the nation that keeps the economy strong and moving!

Hail the Wines, and Beers, and Whiskies, and Tharras, and Addhas, and Paooas.… etc etc.


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