Edelweiss Dovetails With Policy Bazaar And It Is Totally Worth Your While

However boring, but every household should consider getting life insurance because life has no predictability. Plus, it is one of the key components of personal finance. The #Unyakeenable Edelweiss life insurance is exclusively designed for the customers where they believe in finding a product for the customers but not customers for the product.

Edelweiss is committed to the dreams and aspirations of their consumers and navigating the hindrances in their path to success with helpful resources and avant-garde market plans. With Edelweiss, they offer quality interaction before the purchase decision and post-purchase interactions are given equal consideration. Edelweiss scrutinizes the market from their customer’s perspective which reflects in the advisory process, products, customer service and claims processes.

Edelweiss Tokio Life has availed the Wealth Plus plan

for their consumers which is a standout plan that meets all their investment needs where they invest 100% of their premium along with allocating a further amount to the policy. This plan is tailored with Rising Star benefits which are beneficial for your child’s future as it vows to provide all financial support as your child grows up.

Edelweiss has joined hands with Policy Bazaar for bringing the consumers new horizon of benefits by understanding them better. Tying up with Policy Bazaar will give Edelweiss more customer insights who believe in either bringing a new product for the customers or bringing new possibilities in the same product.

Venturing into this partnership will help Edelweiss in many ways. They can survey into the behaviourism of digitally savvy customers and take care of them both physically and mentally for the long haul.

Some important trivia:

It’s a Zero Cost ULIP where there are no policy admin charges, and 100% of the premium is allocated whereas 80% of the annual premium is added back to the fund.

For every annual premium the customer pays,extra premium is added which increases every 5 years! 1%-3%-5%-7%.

This #Unyakeenable product has no upfront charges is going to have much draw with the customers.

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